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16 June 2020 - New US Supreme Court ruling protects LGBTQ workers

Publié par cpavia le 16/06/2020

We can no longer be fired because of who we are

John D. Sutter (CNN, 15/06/2020)

For LGBTQ Americans, this is a watershed moment - one that's decades overdue, and one that rivals the legalization of same-sex marriage in terms of what it means for our lives.

LGBTQ people no longer can be fired simply because of who we are.

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US Supreme Court backs protection for LGBT workers

(BBC News, 16/06/2020)

In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court said federal law, which prohibits discrimination based on sex, should be understood to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

The ruling is a major win for LGBT workers and their allies.

And it comes even though the court has become more conservative.

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The transgender woman whose lawsuit resulted in landmark SCOTUS decision didn't live to see the outcome

Chandelis Duster (CNN, 15/06/2020)

Aimee Stephens, a transgender woman whose historic lawsuit resulted in the Supreme Court's landmark decision that a federal civil rights law protects gay, lesbian and transgender workers, didn't live to see the day she fought for.

Stephens died last month at 59 after suffering from complications related to kidney disease.

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Surprise! Justice on L.G.B.T. Rights From a Trump Judge

Michelle Goldberg (The New York Times, 15/06/2020)

The new season of my favorite television show, “The Good Fight,” begins with the heroine, the feminist lawyer Diane Lockhart, awakening in what seems at first like a giddy alternative reality in which Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election. She remembers the horrors of the last three and a half years, but no one else seems to. A crushing weight lifts as she convinces herself it was all an awful dream.

Then she is sent to a meeting with her firm’s new client, Harvey Weinstein. There’s been no #MeToo movement. Instead, corporate “lean in” feminism is at its apogee. Diane realizes there have been gains made since Donald Trump took office that are unbearable to give up.

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