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07 January 2020 - Harvey Weinstein trial opens in New York

Publié par Marion Coste le 07/01/2020

Harvey Weinstein Heads To Trial For Sex Crimes In A #MeToo Landmark

Rose Friedman and Colin Dwyer (NPR, 06/01/2020)

Once one of Hollywood's most powerful men, whose very reputation could help determine the fate of the films he financed, Harvey Weinstein is set for a starring role on a very different kind of stage: The former megaproducer's criminal trial opens Monday in Manhattan, where Weinstein faces sexual assault charges that may land him in prison for a very long time.

More than 80 women have publicly accused Weinstein of various types of sexual misconduct since The New York Times and The New Yorker published near-simultaneous bombshell reports more than two years ago. Those allegations, widespread as they were — dating back decades and including alleged incidents from Los Angeles to London — helped ignite the #MeToo movement calling attention to sexual assault.

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“Leave the Witnesses Alone”: Day One of Harvey Weinstein’s Trial Previewed the Clashes to Come

Maureen O'Connor (Vanity Fair, 07/01/2020)

When Harvey Weinstein arrived at court on Monday—gliding with his new walker at the pace of a Zamboni—the scene in Lower Manhattan was clamorous. Outside the courthouse in Foley Square, activists including actors and Weinstein accusers Rose McGowan and Rosanna Arquette held a rally to mark the start of the former movie mogul’s rape trial. “Today Lady Justice is staring down a super-predator,” McGowan said into a cluster of microphones. Other protestors denounced Weinstein as he entered and exited the building flanked by his entourage, which included his publicist, personal security, and his six high-priced lawyers.

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Harvey Weinstein Is Monster of the Moment, but the Whole System Is Rigged

Laura Kipnis (The New York Times, 06/01/2020)

Harvey Weinstein, the universally accepted villain of the #MeToo movement, is a sinner, not a rapist, his defense attorney Donna Rotunno told Gayle King in a televised interview last September. Asked about her strategy in his criminal trial on charges of sexual assault and rape, set to begin on Monday, Ms. Rotunno offered an advance peek. There are always “blurred lines” and “an area of gray” between men and women in sexual circumstances, she said. And memory can be faulty “years later.” But she’s confident the evidence will exonerate her client.

Over 80 women have made public accusations against Mr. Weinstein; on Monday, he was charged in Los Angeles with four counts of sexual assault. In the post-#MeToo court of public opinion there are many for whom a charge sheet this extensive demands an automatic guilty verdict. In the courts of New York State, however, where due process prevails and there are only two official accusers, the outcome is less certain.

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Harvey Weinstein: Fresh charges emerge in LA as criminal trial begins

Alex Woodward (The Independent, 07/01/2020)

Harvey Weinstein has been charged with new sexual offences in Los Angeles just hours after his trial for rape and sexual assault began in New York City.

Los Angeles district attorney Jackie Lacey announced that Mr Weinstein had been charged with raping a woman and sexually assaulting another woman over a two-day period in February 2013.

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