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04 February 2020 - The Guardian bans ads from fossil fuel industry

Publié par mniedda le 04/02/2020

The Guardian Bans Ads From the Fossil Fuel Industry

Jordan Davidson (EcoWatch, 31/01/2020)

The Guardian became the first major international newspaper to put an outright ban on accepting money from the fossil fuel industry, citing the industry's "decades-long effort" to subvert, undermine and prevent action to stop the climate crisis, according to The Hill.

The move was announced and went into effect immediately. It is the latest step in the Guardian Media Group's effort to reduce its carbon footprint, according to The Guardian. The Guardian has pledged to get its emissions down to net zero by 2030.

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Why the Guardian will no longer accept fossil fuel advertising

Anna Bateson and Hamish Nicklin (The Guardian, 29/01/2020)

For anyone who believes the world faces an urgent climate crisis, it has been quite a year. The world’s leading scientists tell us we have just twelve years to change human behaviour to avert catastrophe. Teenage climate strikers inspire millions of people, young and old, to protest against inaction, and devastating bushfires sweep across much of Australia. This is the most important challenge of our times.

Our Guardian editorial colleagues have led the world in covering the crisis with expertise and urgency. In May 2019 our editor-in-chief Katharine Viner announced that the Guardian would shift to using more urgent language to describe the climate emergency - and other news organisations have begun to follow suit.

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The Guardian ends advertising from fossil fuel companies because of climate change

Kim Bellware (The Washington Post, 29/01/2020)

The Guardian will no longer accept advertising from oil and gas companies and, in doing so, becomes the first major news organization to divest from industries that extract fossil fuels, company executives announced Wednesday.

Anna Bateson, the Guardian’s acting chief executive, and Hamish Nicklin, chief revenue officer, said in a joint statement that the move was driven, in part, by their newspaper’s reporting on the urgency of climate change and a need to be true to the company’s values — particularly, they said, as fossil fuel companies continue to use their power to influence policies that harm the planet.

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The Guardian ends all fossil fuel advertising

(Greenpeace website, 29/01/2020)

In response to an announcement that The Guardian has announced it will end fossil fuel advertising Mel Evans, senior climate campaigner for Greenpeace UK, said: “For too long fossil fuel giants like BP and Shell, who are causing our climate emergency, have been able to get away with greenwash advertising while investing 97% of their business in oil and gas.

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