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27 September 2019 - Calls for Boris Johnson to apologise over Jo Cox Brexit comments

Publié par Marion Coste le 27/09/2019

Brexit best way to honour Jo Cox, says Boris Johnson

(The Irish Times, 26/09/2019)

Boris Johnson responds to critics of his language around the Brexit debate by saying that the best way to honour the memory of Jo Cox, an MP who was killed in a politically-motivated attack in 2016, is "to get Brexit done."

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Johnson receives furious backlash after connecting Jo Cox to Brexit

Press Associates (Bournemouth Echo, 26/09/2019)

Boris Johnson has been widely condemned for telling MPs they should honour the memory of murdered parliamentarian Jo Cox by delivering Brexit.

There was uproar in the Commons on Wednesday as the Prime Minister repeatedly berated MPs, rejected calls to temper his language and said the best way to honour Mrs Cox – an ardent Remainer – was to “get Brexit done”.

Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Nicky Morgan appeared to acknowledge concerns about Mr Johnson’s use of language, particularly in the context of threats of violence against politicians.

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Johnson refuses to say sorry for remarks about murdered MP Jo Cox

Rowena Mason (The Guardian, 26/09/2019)

Boris Johnson has refused to apologise in the face of criticism that he is inciting hatred against MPs, as he briefed his cabinet on preparations for a populist election campaign that will accuse his opponents of “surrender” to the EU.

In the face of widespread condemnation for his inflammatory rhetoric, the prime minister vowed to carry on referring to the Benn law against no-deal Brexit as the “surrender bill”.

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MP’s powerful speech telling Boris to say sorry for using friend Jo Cox’s murder

Zoe Drewett (Metro, 26/09/2019)

Labour MP Jess Phillips has made a powerful speech to parliament today appealing to the prime minister to apologise for comments he made about the murder of her friend Jo Cox.

The Birmingham Yardley MP was granted an urgent question by the Labour whips office to raise concerns about Boris Johnson’s language in the Commons following Wednesday’s heated exchanges.

She said the PM’s ‘humbug’ comment when told his language resulted in MPs being sent death threats was ‘completely part of a strategy to cause hatred in our country’.

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