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25 January 2019 - Queen Urges Britons to 'Find Common Ground' Amid Brexit Crisis

Publié par Marion Coste le 25/01/2019

Queen makes plea for Britons to find 'common ground'

(BBC News, 25/01/2019)

The Queen has urged people to find "common ground" and to respect "different points of view".

Commentators say the remarks will be seen as referring to the Brexit debate, with MPs due to vote on the PM's deal for leaving the EU again next week.

MPs rejected the deal last week but the UK will leave on 29 March with no deal unless they can agree on a way forward.

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Queen's speech calling for 'common ground' seen as Brexit allusion

Caroline Davies (The Guardian, 24/01/2019)

The Queen has called for “common ground” and “never losing sight of the bigger picture” in a speech to mark the centenary of the Sandringham Women’s Institute (WI), which is likely to be interpreted as a veiled reference to the toxic debate around Brexit.

She spoke of the virtues of “respecting” the other person’s point of view, as parliament remains deeply divided over the issue of Britain leaving the EU.

The Queen, who as head of state constitutionally remains publicly politically neutral, reflected in her speech on a year of change, during which it was clear the qualities of the WI endure, she said.

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Queen urges politicians to 'seek middle ground' in apparent bid to end Brexit divisions

Gordon Rayner (The Telegraph, 24/01/2019)

The Queen appeared to send a message to politicians deadlocked over Brexit on Thursday as she spoke of “coming together to seek out the common ground”.

Her Majesty used a speech to the Sandringham Women’s Institute to emphasise the need for people to be respectful of “different points of view”.

Although the monarch is expected to be politically neutral, she has a track record of making her feelings known at times of national crisis, having subtly intervened in the Scottish independence referendum.

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The Queen urges country to seek common ground in apparent reference to vitriolic Brexit debate

Shehab Khan (The Independent, 25/01/2019)

The Queen has urged people to seek common ground and to never lose sight of the bigger picture in what is likely to be interpreted as a reference to the often vitriolic debate over Brexit.

In a speech to the mark the centenary of the Sandringham Women’s Institute (WI), the Queen echoed the message from her Christmas Day address, calling for people to respect the views of those they do not agree with. 

As head of state, the Queen is required to remain politically neutral, but her words are likely to be seen as a veiled attempt to reverse the current tenor of public debate as opinion polls reveal a deeply divided country and politicians suffer harassment outside parliament.

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