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25 November 2019 - Billionaire Michael Bloomberg enters Democratic presidential race

Publié par Marion Coste le 25/11/2019

Michael Bloomberg confirms White House run and kicks off $30m ad buy

Tom McCarthy (The Guardian, 24/11/2019)

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a presidential run on Sunday, unveiling a minute-long campaign video that called the billionaire, one of the richest men in the world, a “middle class kid who made good”.

“I’m running for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America,” Bloomberg said in a statement. “We cannot afford four more years of President Trump’s reckless and unethical actions. He represents an existential threat to our country and our values. If he wins another term in office, we may never recover from the damage.”

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Democrats have urgency, but no momentum

Bill Schneider (The Hill, 24/11/2019)

What the Democratic presidential race has is urgency. What it lacks is momentum.

None of the 18 Democratic candidates has been able to build increasing strength in the polls. Former Vice President Joe Biden has sustained a lead in national polls of Democrats. But Biden’s support has been slipping, not growing. There was a brief flurry of enthusiasm for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) in the early states, but it has already faded.

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The incredible wastefulness of Mike Bloomberg

James Downie (The Washington Post, 25/11/2019)

Former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg finally entered the Democratic presidential race on Sunday. To make up for lost time, reports The Post, “his campaign has made more than $30 million in television advertising reservations to help introduce him as a candidate. … Bloomberg has also announced a $100 million ad campaign to criticize Trump in key battleground states and a $15 million voter registration effort in those same places.” That’s an enormous sum — and a colossal waste compared to how else he could spend it.

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Michael Bloomberg Set For 2020 Run

(The Onion, 11/11/2019)

Billionaire businessman and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg filed paperwork this week designating himself as a Democratic Party candidate in Alabama, setting the stage for a candidacy that could prove a threat to other moderates in the race. What do you think?

“I’m glad someone is serious about stopping the Democrats’ slide towards charismatic, likable candidates.” - Simona Smyth • Seltzer Carbonator

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