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17 May 2019 - NYC passes Green Roof Act to reduce carbon emissions

Publié par nsharma le 17/05/2019

New York City passes a green new deal, requiring 'green roofs' on new buildings

Sophie Hirsh, writer for Green Matters (World Economic Forum, 30/04/2019)

New York City may not have a lot of greenery — but the metropolis is slowly getting greener. Just in time for Earth Day, the New York City Council passed a group of bills, known as both OneNYC2050 and NYC's Green New Deal. The $14 billion act is full of bills all working towards a singular goal: a 40 percent reduction of NYC's greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and carbon neutrality by 2050.

One of the most interesting bills is one being referred to as the Green Roofs act. As explained by Dwell, the Green Roofs act will require all new buildings in NYC, whether they are residential or commercial, to outfit their roofs with plants, solar panels, and/or mini wind turbines. The legislation would also apply to buildings undergoing significant renovations. Additionally, NYC will eventually require all 50,000 buildings that are 25,000 square feet large or more to lower their emissions and energy use. Buildings that do not comply will be fined. Furthermore, any new building going up in NYC will not be allowed to feature an all-glass facade, because all-glass buildings usually consume more energy, according to Treehugger.

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'A New Day in New York': City Council Passes Visionary Climate Bill

Common Dreams (Ecowatch, 19/04/2019)

The New York City Council passed the world's "largest single carbon reduction effort that any city, anywhere, has ever put forward" on Thursday afternoon, marking a major milestone in the fight against the climate crisis.

The Climate Mobilization Act contains 10 provisions for a greener New York.

"It's a new day," tweeted Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

Chief among the bill's provisions were regulations that directly affect city buildings.

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New York City unveils ambitious plan for local steps to tackle climate change

Erin Durkin (The Guardian, 18/04/2019)

New York City has approved an ambitious plan to combat climate change by forcing thousands of large buildings to slash their greenhouse gas emissions.

The legislation passed on Thursday by the city council puts caps on carbon emissions for buildings over 25,000 sq ft – requiring a 40% overall cut in their emissions by 2030.

The mandates, touted as a local version of the Green New Deal embraced by many progressive Democrats, will apply to 50,000 buildings – from buildings with a few dozen apartments to Trump Tower, the president’s Fifth Avenue skyscraper which advocates have targeted as a major polluter.

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Landlords cry foul as NYC climate bill targets Trump Tower and other skyscrapers

(Japan Times, 19/04/2019)

New York City has passed sweeping legislation to curb energy demand from some of its most iconic skyscrapers, including Trump Tower.

The legislation, approved 45 to 2 in the City Council Thursday, is backed by Mayor Bill de Blasio and will push owners of residential and commercial buildings larger than 25,000 sq. feet (2,300 sq. meters) to install new boilers, air conditioning systems, windows and insulation. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions 40 percent by 2030, moving the city toward a goal of 80 percent by 2050.

The Council also voted to require 5-cent fees on all paper bags distributed by stores, starting in March 2020, and to study the feasibility of replacing gas-fired power plants with battery storage systems powered by renewable energy.

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