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14 January 2019 - Parliament Vote on Theresa May's Brexit Deal

Publié par Marion Coste le 14/01/2019

Theresa May says no Brexit more likely than no deal

(BBC News, 14/01/2019)

Prime Minister Theresa May is making a last-ditch attempt to persuade MPs to back her Brexit deal as Tuesday's key Commons vote looms closer.

She will use a speech on Monday to warn that Parliament is more likely to block Brexit than let the UK leave without a deal.

Mrs May will add that trust in politics will suffer "catastrophic harm" if the referendum result is not implemented.

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Brexit vote on Theresa May's deal: The possible outcomes and what it means for no-deal

Jack Maidmen (The Telegraph, 14/01/2019)

When MPs vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal they are likely to fire the starting pistol on the most tumultuous three month period in recent British political history.

Nobody knows for certain where the UK will end up by March 29 but the journey starts with what happens tomorrow night.

Here is an assessment of the possible outcomes of the meaningful vote.

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It’s decision time for Theresa May’s Brexit deal. What happens next?

Michael Savage (The Guardian, 13/01/2019)

The speeches will have been made; the cabinet rows put on hold. The EU will have made a last-minute attempt to appease sceptical MPs. On Tuesday evening, MPs are finally due to troop through the voting lobbies to cast their judgment on Theresa May’s much-maligned Brexit deal.

Even for the most rebellious, it will come as a long overdue moment of clarity. “The truth is, we need to decide one way or another whether or not we want the PM’s deal,” said one senior Tory rebel. “We’ve got to give a clear message about its acceptability to parliament, or otherwise, on Tuesday. I feel that anything else is a bit of a distraction.”

Downing Street insiders are adamant that the vote, which has already been delayed once to avoid a heavy defeat, will go ahead this time. Yet with the Brexit process descending into the labyrinthine world of parliamentary procedure, there is a twist or two left before MPs take the plunge. Before the key vote on Tuesday night, votes will also be held on amendments designed to reshape May’s deal – some in effect reject the agreement, even before the proper vote on it has taken place.

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Jeremy Corbyn Dashes 'People's Vote' Hopes And Backs Fresh Brexit Deal

Rachel Wearmouth (The Huffington Post UK, 13/01/2019)

Jeremy Corbyn has dashed hopes he could back a so-called ‘People’s Vote’ by saying he wants a renegotiated Brexit deal. 

Speaking on BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show, the Labour leader was asked what should come next if Theresa May’s deal is voted down in parliament. 

He said “my own view is I would rather get a negotiated deal now” before adding that “everything” depends on Tuesday’s critical vote.

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