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14 October 2019 - Fake video of Trump shooting reporters screened by his supporters

Publié par Marion Coste le 14/10/2019

Fake video of Trump shooting media and opponents 'shown at president's resort'

Josh Taylor (The Guardian, 14/10/2019)

A mocked-up video depicting US president Donald Trump stabbing and shooting his political opponents and the media has reportedly been shown at a meeting of the president’s supporters at his Miami resort.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that the video, which has since been posted on Twitter, shows a scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service, edited to appear as though Trump is stabbing and opening fire on people and news organisations in a church.

The targets include CNN, Politico, Black Lives Matter, the BBC, the Guardian, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, Hillary Clinton, the late senator John McCain, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and others inside the “Church of Fake News”.

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A pro-Trump group showed a video of a fake Trump shooting and brutally stabbing journalists and political foes at a conference for his supporters

Sonam Seth (Business Insider, 14/10/2019)

A group that supports President Donald Trump played a gruesome video at a conference last week depicting a fake Trump shooting, stabbing, and assaulting news organizations, The New York Times reported.

The three-day conference was hosted by American Priority at the Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida, and it was attended by Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and his former White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the report said.

Trump Jr. and Sanders denied seeing the video. A person close to Trump Jr. told The Times he was unaware the video was played at the conference, and Sanders said she "wasn't aware of any video, nor do I support violence of any kind against anyone."

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Press organization condemns fake massacre by Trump depicted at pro-Trump event

David Cohen (Politico, 13/10/2019)

The White House Correspondents’ Association on Sunday night condemned “a video reportedly shown” at a pro-Trump event held at a Trump resort in Miami that depicted graphic violence against journalists and various political figures.

“The WHCA is horrified by a video reportedly shown over the weekend at a political conference organized by the President’s supporters at the Trump National Doral in Miami,“ said the statement, issued in the name of WHCA president Jonathan Karl.

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CNN Calls on Trump to Denounce Video Showing Violence Against Media

Gene Maddaus (Variety, 13/10/2019)

CNN has called on President Trump to denounce a video that was shown at a pro-Trump conference last week, in which the president is depicted slaughtering figures representing media outlets.

The New York Times reported that the video was shown at a conference for Trump supporters held at Trump’s golf resort in Doral, Fla. According to the Times, the video shows a church massacre taken from the 2014 film “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” Trump’s face is superimposed on the shooter, while the victims’ faces are replaced by media logos — including CNN, Politico, NPR, and PBS — as well as images of Trump’s political opponents.

Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., and his former spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, were both scheduled to speak at the conference, which was put on by a group called American Prosperity. Representatives for each told the Times that they had not seen the video at the conference.

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