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12 June 2019 - Women’s Football World Cup: England vs Scotland breaks TV audience record

Publié par nsharma le 12/06/2019

England vs. Scotland breaks UK TV viewing record for women's game

Ben Morse (CNN, 10/06/2019)

The match between England and Scotland on Sunday at France 2019 broke UK television viewing figure records for a women's football game, says the BBC.

At its peak, 6.1 million people tuned in to watch England beat Scotland 2-1 in the Women's World Cup as both sides played their first match at the tournament, with the game attracting a 37.8% share of the available audience.

In comparison, 18.3 million tuned in for the England men's team opener in the 2018 World Cup against Tunisia in Russia, attracting 69.2% of the UK's total TV audience.

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Women's World Cup match attracts bigger TV audience than cricket

Jim Waterson, Media editor (The Guardian, 10/06/2019)

Women’s football is now more popular than cricket – at least when it comes to TV ratings.

England’s victory over Scotland in the Women’s World Cup attracted an average audience of 4.6 million viewers to BBC One on Sunday evening. This set a new record for a women’s football match and left the broadcaster hopeful that millions of viewers will continue to tune in as both national teams progress through the tournament.

By comparison coverage of England’s matches in the men’s Cricket World Cup has been averaging a mere 550,000 viewers, despite cricket’s status as a traditional British summer sport and the tournament being hosted in the UK.

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Opinion: Why this World Cup will show how investing in women pays off

Nancy Armour (USA Today, 31/05/2019)

Change does not come cheap.

The popularity with the general public, the star turns after big tournaments, the inspiration they’re providing for younger generations – those are all well and good for the U.S. women’s team and other high-profile female athletes. But to fill the gaps left from decades of disparity, to achieve true equality, it’s going to take money. Significant amounts of it. From federations, leagues and corporations.

As the U.S. women prepare for the World Cup, which begins Friday in Paris, there has been a marked shift in their quest for equity – in athletics and otherwise. Setting an example and hoping others follow is no longer enough. They’re pushing for money, from stakeholders and others with the power to change the narrative.

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Women's World Cup: What challenges do female players still face?

(BBC News, 08/06/2019)

A ruling by the English FA effectively banned women from playing professional football for 50 years until 1971.

Yet, now England's Lionesses rank third in the world and are among the favourites to win the Fifa Women's World Cup in France.

It's major progress since the FA changed its ruling in 1971.

So what are the challenges women footballers still face?

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