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11 March 2019 -Trump asks for 8.6 billion $ for wall in 2020 budget

Publié par nsharma le 11/03/2019

Trump border wall request will set up new budget fight, adviser says

Guardian staff and agencies (The Guardian, 10/03/2019)

Donald Trump will on Monday will ask Congress for an additional $8.6bn to pay for the wall he has promised to build on the border with Mexico, officials familiar with his 2020 budget request said.

Asked if that meant there would be another budget fight over the wall, like that which led to a long and damaging government shutdown at the turn of the year, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said: “I suppose there will be ...

“He’s going to stay with his wall and he’s going to stay with the border security theme. I think it’s essential.”

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'We hope he learned his lesson,' Pelosi says of report Trump wants $8.6B more for wall

William Cummings (USA TODAY, 10/03/2019)

Congressional Democrats refused President Donald Trump's newest request for border wall funding even before the White House officially made it. 

In response to media reports Sunday that the president plans to ask Congress for an additional $8.6 billion in funding for construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. – who recently refused to approve $5.7 billion in border wall funding despite a record 35-day government shutdown – made it clear that they would not approve the money. 

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Warning signs for Trump loom as he unveils budget

Stephen Collinson (CNN, 11/03/2019)

Early warning signs are flashing for President Donald Trump on some of his core arguments on immigration, the economy and North Korea that are central to his 2020 re-election message.

Complications on each of those policy areas threaten to undermine the narrative of unprecedented success that the President has weaved around his first two years in office and are driving political debate as the administration unveils its budget on Monday.

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Trump's 2020 budget calls for $2.7T in spending cuts, promises to erase deficit in 15 years

Melissa Quinn (Washington Examiner, 10/03/2019)

President Trump will unveil his fiscal 2020 budget request to Congress on Monday which calls for $2.7 trillion in spending cuts and balances in 15 years, according to the White House budget office.

The budget from the White House is the first the president will send to a divided Congress, and the proposal is likely to face fierce opposition from the new Democrat-controlled House. 

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