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09 December 2019 - SNL skit about Trump being mocked by world leaders at NATO summit

Publié par Marion Coste le 09/12/2019

Saturday Night Live: James Corden plays Boris Johnson in ‘good-looking bad boys of NATO’ sketch

Adam White (The Independent, 08/12/2019)

James Corden has made his Saturday Night Live debut, portraying Boris Johnson in a sketch in which he, Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron bully Donald Trump.

Paul Rudd played Macron and Jimmy Fallon played Trudeau in the sketch, which sees the trio described as “bad boys” of NATO, in a spoof of the world leaders overheard on a hot mic making fun of Trump this week.

The sketch began with a narrator explaining that the incident was nothing compared to what occurred in “the NATO cafeteria” earlier in the day, with Macron, Trudeau and Johnson sat at “the cool kids’ table” and not allowing Trump (Alec Baldwin) to sit with them.

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'Saturday Night Live' mocks Trump, bars him from sitting at NATO 'cool kids table'

Justin Wise (The Hill, 08/12/2019)

"Saturday Night Live" satirized President Trump's relationship with NATO leaders just days after video caught French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apparently gossiping about and mocking the U.S. president. 

The skit opened by summarizing the leaders' exchange before noting that the audience "should have seen what happened in the NATO cafeteria" during the summit. Jimmy Fallon, as Trudeau, and Paul Rudd, as Macron, then enter the cafeteria with loud guitar music playing in the background. 

"Look! It's Trudeau and Macron. They're so cool," a Denmark delegate says.

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'SNL' mocks Trump's week at the NATO Summit with bullying from world leaders in the cafeteria

Lydia Ramsey (Business Insider, 08/12/2019)

"Saturday Night Live" took the real-life events of the NATO Summit and dropped them in the middle of a high school cafeteria. 

With seating rejections, an "Impeach Me" sign, and harsh words about the president's climate policy — "Did you hear him talk about climate change the other day? He said we need stronger toilets," said "SNL's" European leaders, referencing statements made by US President Donald J. Trump earlier in the week.

The sketch featured Alec Baldwin as Trump getting bullied by "cool kids" Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, played by Jimmy Fallon, French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron, played by Paul Rudd, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, played by James Corden, in the NATO cafeteria.

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Trudeau’s ‘hot mic’ video overshadows a crucial meeting for NATO

Jaime Watt (The Star, 08/12/2019)

On Wednesday, video emerged of Justin Trudeau, accompanied by a group of world leaders at a NATO summit in London, poking fun at President Donald Trump. In the video, the prime minister made a jibe about Trump’s penchant for impromptu press conferences and his staff’s apparent dismay at yet another off-the-cuff pronouncement.

Since then, there has been much carry on over Trudeau’s comments. Some are outraged, declaring that it’s foolish for the PM to be snickering behind the back of our largest trading partner. Others argue that the comments are merely the predictable outcome of Trump’s own bullying and standoffishness.

Canadians can debate whether it’s wise for their prime minister to be seen criticizing the president while, among many issues that face our two countries, NAFTA 2.0 has yet to pass through Congress.

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