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05 November 2019 - Guy Fawkes Day

Publié par Marion Coste le 05/11/2019

Guy Fawkes Night: Are bonfire traditions fizzling out?

(BBC News, 05/11/2019)

Bonfire Night has long been a loud and colourful celebration of the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot. But while we remember the 5th of November have some of its traditions been forgotten?

Generations of families have fashioned Guy Fawkes dummies to burn atop bonfires.

Children would stuff old clothes with newspaper and wheelbarrow their effigy around asking for money to buy fireworks.

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Over 100,000 people sign petition to ban sale of fireworks in shops

Jen Mills (Metro, 03/11/2019)

Parliament will have to consider debating banning the sale of fireworks after a petition reached 100,000 signatures.

The petition reached the milestone today and is still rising, with 116,318 at the time of writing.

Those who signed are calling for fireworks to only be used at professional displays for safety reasons.

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Guy Fawkes Night: Why are bonfires a big deal in Sussex?

Guy Pell (BBC News, 05/11/2019)

To some, Bonfire Night represents an excuse to set off some fireworks. But it is perhaps in the south east of England that memories of Guy Fawkes and his failed bid to blow up King James I burn brightest.

The festivities are about far more than one night though. The Sussex Bonfire season starts on the first weekend of September and ends in the third week of November.

Bonfire societies from towns around Sussex and the western edges of Kent capitalise on the fact the events are staggered across several weeks to take part in each other's parades and the biggest nights attract crowds of several thousand.

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Guy Fawkes Night: Police post adorable puppy photo to spread fireworks safety message

Caroline Williams (Stuff, 05/11/2019)

Police have shared an adorable police pup photo in a bid to remind people to keep their pets inside for Guy Fawkes Night.

In the photo posted to police social media on Tuesday, the puppy wore headphones bigger than his body, while snuggled in a blacket next to a cup that read "future dog squad star".

"Let's be smart tonight NZ. Not everybody enjoys Guy Fawkes.

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