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02 September 2019 - Boris Johnson to Suspend Parliament Before Brexit

Publié par Marion Coste le 02/09/2019

U.K. Government Announces Plans to Suspend Parliament Before Brexit. Here's What That Means

Billy Perrigo (Time Magazine, 29/08/2019)

The U.K. government announced controversial plans to suspend parliament on Wednesday morning, a gamble which could allow a “no deal” Brexit to be forced through — or preempt a vote of no confidence in the government.

The Queen formally agreed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to end the current parliamentary session, the government said Wednesday.

The move to “prorogue” parliament will effectively lock lawmakers out of the building for several days in early September, possibly preventing them from making laws that would force Britain’s exit from the European Union to be delayed or even canceled if a deal cannot be agreed.

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Why Boris Johnson is so desperate to lock Parliament out

David Allen Green (The Washington Post, 30/08/2019)

The controversy in British politics about the suspension of Parliament, known as prorogation, is unprecedented and significant. The dispute is different from the usual and often confected accusations about improper use of political power: The issue at stake is a fundamental one, and it may mean the United Kingdom is moving toward a constitutional crisis.

The background to this is, of course, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. That exit, which has already been twice postponed, is set for Oct. 31. The departure is the default position. It is what will happen by automatic operation of law unless something stops it.

The intention had been for this departure to be accompanied by a comprehensive withdrawal agreement providing for practical issues that include residency rights for affected citizens and the applicable law for ongoing transactions. In November, British and European negotiators finalized a draft agreement.

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First legal challenge fails to stop Boris Johnson suspending UK parliament

Emilio Casalicchio (Politico, 30/08/2019)

A legal bid to immediately stop British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspending the U.K. parliament has been thrown out by the highest civil court in Scotland.

Judge Lord Doherty told the Court of Session in Edinburgh that he would reassess the legality of the suspension at a hearing on Tuesday.

He said: “I’m not satisfied that it has been demonstrated that there’s a need for an interim suspension or an interim interdict to be granted at this stage.”

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Thousands protest against Boris Johnson's parliament shutdown

Simon Murphy (The Guardian, 31/08/2019)

Tens of thousands of demonstrators are taking to the streets across Britain and outside the gates of Downing Street in protest against Boris Johnson’s move to suspend parliament.

Crowds brandished banners pledging to “defend democracy”, chanted “stop the coup” and waved EU flags in London in a bid to resist the parliament shutdown.

Demonstrators are massing at protests in dozens of locations around the country including Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Brighton, Swansea, Bristol and Liverpool.

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