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30 May 2017 - Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May Debate

Publié par Marion Coste le 30/05/2017

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General election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May face TV grilling
(BBC News, 30/05/2017)
Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced questions on Brexit and foreign policy from a live studio audience in a special general election programme.
Mr Corbyn was quizzed about his views on drone strikes, tax-raising plans and past campaigning in Northern Ireland.
Mrs May defended her social care reforms and was repeatedly asked if she had changed her mind on Brexit.

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Set Trajectories

Corbyn and May escape unsinged as Paxman lets rip with flamethrower
Hugh Muir (The Guardian, 29/05/2017)
The danger with our embrace of the televised election debate is that we have all come to expect too much from them. Theresa May was reportedly keen to stay clear of any head-to-head confrontation with Jeremy Corbyn.
He, presumably looking for a gamechanger, was enthusiastic to look her in the face. But John F Kennedy versus a fatally sweaty Richard Nixon was more than 50 years ago. Pendulum swings on that scale have barely occurred since.
The fact is that both Corbyn and May probably emerged from their grilling by a studio audience, allied to the verbal flamethrowing of Jeremy Paxman, reasonably satisfied.

EU Stance

May and Corbyn set out opposing EU 'no deal' stances
Costas Pitas and William James (Reuters, 30/05/2017)
British Prime Minister Theresa May said she would walk away from divorce talks with the European Union without a deal if she had to, but her rival in next week's election, Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, said he would make sure an agreement was reached if he won power.
Britons will go to the polls in a vote that will decide whether May, from the centre-right Conservatives, or Corbyn of the leftist Labour Party, gets to sit down with Brussels and hammer out an exit deal that will define the country's trade and diplomatic ties with the EU.
Their differing stances could set the tone for what both Britain and the EU expect will be two years of difficult talks on everything from how much cash should be paid upon exit, to border arrangements for migrants, goods and services.
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May Mocked

#Theresamaygifs: Prime Minister mocked on social media for debate performance
Chris Graham (The Telegraph, 30/05/2017)
As pundits on the left and right argued over who won Monday night's debate, the verdict seemed clear on social media.
Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn were being questioned separately by studio audiences and interviewed by Jeremy Paxman in a Sky News/Channel 4 "Battle for Number 10" broadcast, after the Prime Minister refused to go head-to-head with other party leaders in a debate.
But while experts talked at length on TV and columnists wrote reams of words on it, there is arguably no political commentary more succinct than a GIF - and it wasn't long before the hashtag #TheresaMayGIFs went viral.

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