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23 March 2017 - Westminster Attack

Publié par Marion Coste le 23/03/2017

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Westminster attack: police hunt for clues after five dead in 'sick and depraved' incident
Vikram Dodd, Ewen MacAskill, Jamie Grierson and Heather Stewart (The <Guardian, 23/03/2017)
Police and security services are investigating the background of the man who killed four people and injured dozens in a terrorist rampage at Westminster as security was visibly stepped up in the capital on Thursday.
While the Houses of Parliament prepared to sit as normal, officers were attempting to establish the motivation and any terrorist links of the attacker – who was known to counter-terrorism officials – and look into his connections and associates.
Live London attack: police confirm seven people arrested – live
A raid was carried out by armed police overnight at a flat above a shop in Birmingham just west of the city centre, with surrounding roads closed for several hours. BBC Newsnight reported late on Wednesday that the vehicle used in the attack – a Hyundai i40 – could have been rented in Birmingham.

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London attack: World leaders show solidarity
(BBC News, 23/03/2017)
Leaders of countries affected by recent terror attacks have voiced solidarity with the UK after the deadly attack near the Houses of Parliament.
A lone attacker was shot dead after he used a car to run down pedestrians, killing two, and stabbed a police officer to death outside Parliament.
Leaders of France and Germany, which suffered deadly vehicle attacks last year, offered the UK their support.


How the terror attack at Westminster Bridge unfolded
Robert Mendick (The Telegraph, 22/03/2017)
It was the terrorist attack that police and security services always feared, but hoped would never come. A man, dressed all in black, drove a car at 50mph the full length of Westminster Bridge, aiming deliberately at pedestrians and cyclists.
The bodies were scattered in his wake. One woman died after she was hit and thrown under the wheels of a bus; another woman was struck as she walked past a stand selling postcards to tourists. She lay on the ground under the shadow of Big Ben, blood pouring from the wound in her head and seeping into cracks in the pavement.
The driver of the Hyundai 4x4 then crashed the vehicle into the iron railings that surround the Palace of Westminster, hitting at least two more pedestrians. He leapt from the car and ran around the corner, brandishing a kitchen knife, eight inches long.
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Terrorist Attack

Terror and Dismay in London
Anthony Lane (The New Yorker, 22/03/2017)
This afternoon in London, a man drove a car across Westminster Bridge, heading from the south bank of the Thames to the north. It appears that he deliberately drove into pedestrians and policemen who were using the bridge at the time. The car then approached the Palace of Westminster, where the Houses of Parliament are located, and crashed into the railings that border it. The driver got out of the car, and, wielding a knife, stabbed one of the many police officers who guard the Palace. As the attacker went toward the entrance, he was challenged by officers carrying firearms, who then shot him.
The incident occurred at around a quarter to three, London time (9:45 A.M. Eastern Standard Time). Business in the House of Commons was suspended, and Members of Parliament were held there for their own safety, some for many hours. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, swiftly left the premises, and the entire area was locked down. Police and emergency services swarmed to attend. Footage showed one officer waving the public away and roaring, “Go, go.” An air-ambulance helicopter landed outside the Houses of Parliament to assist the wounded.

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