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21 March 2017 - Theresa May to Trigger Article 50 on March 29

Publié par Marion Coste le 21/03/2017

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Article 50: Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next week
UK Politics (BBC, 20/03/2017)
Prime Minister Theresa May is to officially notify the European Union next Wednesday that the UK is leaving.
Downing Street said she would write a letter to the European Council, adding that it hoped negotiations on the terms of exit and future relations could then begin as quickly as possible.
An EU spokesman said it was "ready and waiting" for the letter.

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Article 50

Article 50: A guide to Britain’s untested plan for Brexit
Adam Taylor (The Washington Post, 20/03/2017)
After a lot of speculation, a big date in Britain's path to Brexit has been set: On March 29, Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Article 50.
Britons have been waiting with bated breath for this moment, which effectively starts the formal process of their country leaving the European Union. But many outsiders may be left scratching their head, so here's a WorldViews guide to Article 50 for those catching up.

PM to Visit the North

May to get Brexit views across UK before triggering article 50
Denis Staunton (The Irish Times, 20/03/2017)
Theresa May has promised to listen to the views of citizens in every part of the United Kingdom before she triggers article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on March 29th, starting the formal process of leaving the European Union.
The prime minister was in Swansea on Monday, where she met Welsh first minister Carwyn Jones, and she is expected to visit Scotland and Northern Ireland in the coming days.
Scotland’s external affairs secretary, Fiona Hyslop, complained on Monday that Ms May gave the Scottish government no prior warning of her intention to set a date for triggering article 50.
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Divides in the UK

Brexit weekly briefing: UK rift widens as May names article 50 day
Jon Henley and Jessica Elgot (The Guardian, 21/03/2017)
This is it, then: we are nearly there. Nine months after the UK voted to leave the European Union, Theresa May will on 29 March invoke article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, formally serving notice that it intends to do just that.
So as the prime minister kicks off a national tour aimed at reassuring all corners of the country that she will “deliver a deal that works” for them to ensure everyone can “make the most of the opportunities ahead”, what state is Team GB in?
The answer appears to be: not so great. The government’s unwavering insistence that Brexit must mean leaving the single market and customs union has unleashed a furious Scottish rebellion, as well as rumblings in Northern Ireland and Wales.

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