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21 June 2017 - The Queen's Speech

Publié par Marion Coste le 22/06/2017

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The Queen's speech: What is in it and everything you need to know
Laura Hughes (The Telegraph, 21/06/2017)
Today's Queen’s Speech - which lays out the laws that ministers want to pass in the coming year - is a major moment in the parliamentary diary.
It is seen as a critical test for the Government and failure to win the backing of a majority of MPs is seen as a vote of no confidence.
This year's speech, which will take place at 11.30am, is expected to be overshadowed by 'day of rage' protests by left wing campaigners in protest over the conditions they claim led to the Grenfell Tower blaze and the deaths of at least 79 people.

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Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn taunts May as she backs down on election pledges in Queen's speech
Heather Stewart, Henry McDonald and Jessica Elgot (The Guardian, 21/06/2017)
Jeremy Corbyn insisted Labour is a “government-in-waiting” as he taunted Theresa May over the loss of her parliamentary majority, promising to vote down unpopular austerity measures and offer “strong and stable leadership”.
The Labour leader was warmly cheered from the packed Labour benches, as he responded to a slimmed-down Queen’s speech, which set out a legislative programme dominated by Brexit and was stripped of a series of controversial manifesto policies.
Corbyn called May’s minority administration “a government without a majority, without a mandate, without a serious legislative programme, led by a prime minister who has lost her political authority, and is struggling to stitch together a deal to stay in office”.

European Hat

Queen's Speech: Is the Queen wearing an EU hat?
Rozina Sini (BBC News, 21/06/2017)
The Queen has opened parliament to lay out the government's plans for the next two years.
At the top of the agenda was Brexit, and as the monarch proposed new laws to prepare the UK for its departure from the European Union (EU), some social users couldn't help noticing the Queen's choice of headwear.
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Daily Mash

Queen’s Speech ends with ‘f**k this’
(Daily Mash, 21/06/2017)

THE Queen’s Speech has ended abruptly with the words ‘fuck this,’ spoken halfway through a sentence, before the monarch wandered off.
The speech, a series of meaningless commitments, proceeded as normal until Her Majesty paused, looked around the chamber and decided she had had enough.
Julian Cook, Tory MP for Norfolk South, said: “She was supposed to be moving on to our exciting new plans to regulate the internet as a prelude to closing it down entirely, but instead she just stopped, sighed and looked at us with an expression of severe disdain.

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