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20 October 2017 - Labour leader Jacinda Ardern to become New Zealand's new PM

Publié par Marion Coste le 20/10/2017

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Jacinda Ardern, 37, Will Be New Zealand’s Youngest Prime Minister
Charlotte Graham (The New York Times, 19/10/2017)
A minor party holding the balance of power in New Zealand threw its support behind 37-year-old Jacinda Ardern’s bid to become prime minister on Thursday, ending the center-right National Party’s nine-year grip on power.
Ms. Ardern, the leader of the Labour Party, will take over from Prime Minister Bill English, reversing Labour’s long-flagging fortunes and giving the country its youngest leader in more than 150 years.
Ms. Ardern’s ascension represents a remarkable rise for a woman who just months ago became Labour’s youngest leader ever, setting off “Jacindamania” among the party’s followers. Unconventional and described by colleagues as intensely focused, she has defied the norms of New Zealand politics and refused to be pinned down on whether she has considered having children, saying no male politician would be forced to answer that question.

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Generational shift

Like Canada, New Zealand chooses a young leader after years of conservative rule
Tracy Withers (National Post, 19/10/2017)
Jacinda Ardern will become New Zealand’s youngest prime minister in more than 150 years after winning the backing of a minor nationalist party to form a coalition government.
After 12 days of negotiations, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters Thursday threw his support behind the 37-year-old, saying an economic slowdown was looming and that capitalism needed to regain its “human face.”
“It is an absolute honor and a privilege to have the ability to form a government for all New Zealanders,” Ardern told reporters. She said the talks with New Zealand First “have formed a solid foundation on which we can build a coalition government.”


New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern sets out priorities: climate, inequality and women
Eleanor Ainge Roy (The Guardian, 20/10/2017)
New Zealand’s prime minister elect Jacinda Ardern has laid out her priorities for the country, saying she plans to urgently address climate change, tackle inequality and improving women’s lives in the home and workplace.
On Thursday, NZ First leader Winston Peters threw his support behind Ardern’s Labour party, allowing them to form a coalition government with a slim majority.
Like the rest of New Zealand, Ardern was left in the dark before the announcement by Peters. On Friday, Ardern described the moment she realised she would become prime minister, when Peters started talking about all New Zealanders sharing in the nation’s wealth.
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'Government of Change'

'This will be a Government of change' Jacinda Ardern tells caucus
(New Zealand Herald, 20/10/2017)

Labour is holding its first caucus meeting since learning it will lead the next Government - with Prime Minister elect Jacinda Ardern telling her MPs they have been gifted an opportunity by the people of New Zealand.
After entering the room to a standing ovation, Ardern said, "this will be a Government of change".
"It will be a Government we can be proud of. And this will be a moment in time that I hope all of us look back on with immense pride. With a sense of honour and privilege. Because we have been gifted by the people of New Zealand an opportunity. And it is for us to make the most of that," Ardern said, to "hear, hears" from her colleagues.
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