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19 September 2017 - General Elections in New Zealand

Publié par Marion Coste le 19/09/2017

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New Zealand's general election: all you need to know
Eleanor Ainge Roy (The Guardian, 19/09/2017)
The New Zealand general election is only days away and anticipation is building in the south Pacific nation where, for the first time in a decade, the outcome of the vote is genuinely up for grabs.
Voters have the choice of keeping Bill English’s National party, which has held government for nine years, or opting for change under the new, energetic but untested Labour leader Jacinda Ardern.
Ardern is riding a wave of popularity that has been dubbed “Jacindamania”. She is polling particularly well with women and young voters, leading some to predict a looming “youthquake” if millennials turn out to vote.
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Jacinda Arden

'Jacindamania' puts a young face on New Zealand politics
(Strait Times, 18/09/2017)
Although Ms Jacinda Ardern is poised to become New Zealand's next prime minister when the nation goes to the polls on Saturday, she knows what hardships ordinary people face each day. As a teenager growing up in Morrinsville, she worked at the Golden Kiwi Restaurant wrapping fish and chips.
She also knows the prejudices career women almost everywhere in the world still face. Shortly after being named the Labour Party's leader on Aug 1 - putting her in position to become the next PM, Opportunities Party member Gareth Morgan tweeted that he needed proof that Ms Ardern, 37, was more than "lipstick on a pig".

Bill English

Why you should vote for me: Leaders in their own words
(New Zealand Herald, 19/09/2017)
This election isn't about me or any other politician. It's about what sort of future you want for your country. Right now we are doing well. Wages and job numbers are rising and we're building the roads, schools and hospitals needed by a growing population. We're also developing innovative, new ways to tackle social problems that cause long-term disadvantage. However, we can't afford to take these things for granted. We can continue with the policies that have delivered us one of the fastest-growing economies in the developed world, or we can experiment with the vague and confusing policies proposed by our political rivals. My advice is stick with National. We know how to do the job and we have exciting policies to make New Zealand an even better place. All parties care. The hard bit is making a difference. We've shown we know how to do that.
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ELECTION 2017: The policies at a glance
(Otago Daily Times, 19/09/2017)

Who are you going to vote for on Saturday? Here's a summary of the political parties' policies on important issues.

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