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19 May 2017 - Uk General Elections: Conservative Manifesto

Publié par Marion Coste le 19/05/2017

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Tory manifesto: What are the economic implications? And does the reality match the rhetoric?
Ben Chu (The Independent, 18/05/2017)
Theresa May’s Conservative manifesto for the general election has been hailed as a watershed moment in the history of the party and indeed for the broader UK political landscape.
“Post-Thatcherism” and “third way Conservatism” are just two of the descriptions of the 84-page document, entitled Forward Together.
But does the austere-looking tome, which contains just a single picture (of Ms May), live up to this billing?

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'Forward Together'

The Guardian view on Theresa May’s manifesto: a new Toryism
Editorial (The Guardian, 18/05/2017)
Theresa May’s manifesto reveals more about her plans to refound the Conservative party than her plans to run the country. Her programme for the Tories would read as a heretical document to many in her party, brought up on a diet of state-shrinking, me-first Thatcherism. Instead, Mrs May talks about rejecting the “cult of selfish individualism” and says her party does not now believe in “untrammelled free markets”. To see how big a leap this is. consider how much the Conservative party of the recent past changed the temper of Britain, fostering a mood of materialistic individualism. Mrs May consciously jettisons this individualist heritage because she knows that the public associate Thatcherism less with an unleashing of economic virtue than an unfettering of the social vices of selfishness and greed. It has contributed, as Mrs May has long contended, to the Conservatives’ reputation as the “nasty party”.


It’s the EU’s Brexit manifesto, not Theresa May’s, upon which Britain’s destiny hangs
Editorial (The Independent, 18/05/2017)
From bland to brand, the launch of the Conservative manifesto is a conspicuous attempt to reposition the party around the vision its leader has for the future of the UK. Given that Theresa May’s appearances on the campaign trail have been largely flat, shifting the focus from personality to policy is perhaps timely for the Tories.
After the bold leftism of Labour’s manifesto pledges, some on the right might have anticipated an equal and opposite riposte from the Prime Minister, pegged on traditional Conservative assumptions. In some key respects that is far from the case. Most fundamentally, the libertarian, deregulatory instincts so beloved of Thatcherites have been thrown under the election battle bus. As Theresa May put it obliquely in her launch speech, government “should be a force for good, a force that steps up and acts in the interests of ordinary working people”.
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Conservative manifesto: No timetable for migration pledge
(BBC News, 19/05/2017)
The Conservatives would "aim" to meet their manifesto pledge to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands, a cabinet minister has said.
Sir Michael Fallon said the policy was not yet costed as the government did not know when it would be achieved.
The Tories have also promised to overhaul social care funding in a manifesto Theresa May said would "deliver for mainstream Britain".

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