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17 February 2017 - Donald Trump's First Press Conference

Publié par Marion Coste le 17/02/2017

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An amazing moment in history: Donald Trump's press conference
Stephen Collinson (CNN, 16/02/2017)
President Donald Trump launched an extraordinary denunciation Thursday of his critics, complaining he inherited a "mess" and slamming stories that his campaign was constantly in contact with Russia as "fake news."
Trump held court during a news conference that lasted an hour and fifteen minutes, carving out a stunning moment in modern American political history. He displayed a sense of anger and grievance rarely vented by a President in public -- let alone one who has been in office for just four weeks.

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Cheers from supporters

Trump supporters cheer his combative stance with the media
John Raby (The Washington Post, 16/02/2017)
Critics of President Donald Trump saw in his Thursday news conference a combative, thin-skinned chief executive who continues to blame the media for the controversies roiling his administration.
His supporters saw something else: A champion of Middle America who is taking on the establishment and making good on his campaign promises to put the country first.
The Associated Press contacted Trump supporters across the country to see how they viewed a news conference in which the president said his administration was running like “a fine-tuned machine” despite the resignation of his top national security adviser, a court setback on his immigration order, a defeat for his nominee as labor secretary and reports of internal divisions.

"A Mess"

‘I Inherited a Mess,’ Trump Says, Defending His Performance
Peter Baker (The New York Times, 16/02/2017)
President Trump on Thursday dismissed reports about his associates’ contacts with Russia last year and vigorously defended his performance in his first four weeks in office, in a contentious news conference that showcased his unconventional and unconstrained presidency.
At a hastily organized White House event — ostensibly to announce a new nominee for labor secretary, R. Alexander Acosta — Mr. Trump engaged in an extended attack on the news media and insisted that his new administration was not a chaotic operation but a “fine-tuned machine.” Any challenges, he said, were not his fault. “To be honest, I inherited a mess,” he said.
In addition to his cabinet announcement, the president revealed that he had asked the Justice Department to investigate government leaks and said he would sign an executive order next week restricting travel to the United States. He promised to produce by March a plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, followed by another plan to overhaul the tax system.
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CNN Reacts

CNN Smashes Trump’s Lie That He Inherited A Mess From President Obama
Jason Easley (Politicus USA, 16/02/2017)
Immediately after the conclusion of President Trump’s press conference, CNN’s John King used facts to prove that Trump’s claim that he inherited a mess from former President Obama was a lie.
CNN’s John King pushed back on Trump’s claim that he inherited a mess, “He inherited a lot of problems. There’s no doubt about that, and he has every right to have a different answer to those problems than the previous Democratic administration. However, he inherited a mess? When President Obama came into office, the economy was bleeding more than 600,000 jobs a month. The unemployment rate was 7.8% on its way to 10%. Donald Trump came into office. In the last month of the Obama administration, the economy added 227,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate is 4.7% or 4.8%, so he has every right to say that there are problems he wants to deal with, but the idea that he came into this swirling cesspool. It’s just not a fact.”

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