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16 November 2017 - Australia Votes "Yes" to Same-Sex Marriage

Publié par Marion Coste le 16/11/2017

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Same-Sex Marriage Postal Survey: Australia Says 'Yes' To Marriage Equality
Karen Barlow (The Huffington Post Australia, 15/11/2017)
Marriage equality has taken a major step closer to being realised in Australia after it was revealed the nationwide postal survey on same-sex marriage returned a majority 'yes' result, with more than 60 percent of the response.
A short time ago the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirmed that a majority of voters answered 'yes' to the question: "should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?"
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Gay couples could be able to marry 'by 2018'
(Sky News, 16/11/2017)
Same-sex couples will be able to marry legally from early in the new year, Attorney-General George Brandis predicts.
Parliamentary debate on a cross-party bill gets underway in the Senate on Thursday morning.
The upper house has cleared the decks of all other business until the bill wins final approval, likely by November 30.

No Discrimination

Why there should be no room in the law for celebrants to discriminate on same-sex marriage
Becky Batagol (The Conversation, 16/11/2017)
The process of legislating for marriage equality is underway. Marriage celebrants are looking forward to Australia’s busiest-ever wedding season. However, with the proposed laws now on the table, not all marriages will be equal.
The private member’s bill sponsored by Liberal Dean Smith is being debated today in the Senate. Attorney-General George Brandis has said he wants to amend the bill to extend religious protections to civil celebrants.
If it goes through, the amendment would permit civil celebrants to refuse to conduct a marriage ceremony because of their conscientious or religious beliefs (as another marriage amendment bill did earlier this year).
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"No" Supporters

Same-sex marriage bill: We need amendments and it's not just about bakers and florists
Mark Fowler (ABC News, 16/11/2017)

The Australian people have decisively indicated their will on the question of marriage. The No camp could not say their case was not heard and they have been gracious in accepting the result.
For the No supporters, it is perhaps helpful now to contrast the Australian experience with the US example, where the Supreme Court's ruling in favour of same-sex marriage has been criticised as a top-down change imposed by liberal elites, without democratic sanction or adequate discussion.
Here, we've had ample opportunity to consider the issue as a nation. This is very important. Last Friday, the Sydney University US Studies Centre released data showing the high levels of partisan rancour that remains in the US, even two years after the Supreme Court's decision.
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