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14 February 2017 - Justin Trudeau Meets with Donald Trump

Publié par Marion Coste le 14/02/2017

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Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump Try to Bridge Some Gaps While Avoiding Others
Richard Pérez-Peña and Ian Austen (The New York Times, 13/02/2017)
Despite sharp differences on immigration, refugees, trade and climate change, President Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada struck a cordial tone on Monday in their first meeting, alternating between attempting to bridge those gaps and steering clear of them.
Mr. Trump has called for a halt to the admission of refugees, saying that terrorists might slip into the United States among them, while Mr. Trudeau has held out Canada as a haven for refugees, particularly people who have fled the war in Syria, publicly hugging newly arrived families.
When asked at a White House news conference whether he now sees the northern American border with Canada as insecure, Mr. Trump skirted the question, speaking instead of his administration’s efforts to deport criminals from the United States.

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A good first date

Trump and Trudeau: A good, successful first date
Andrew Cohen (The Globe and Mail, 13/02/2017)
Justin Trudeau came to Washington on a lightning mission Monday to protect and preserve his country’s relationship with the United States, facing its greatest challenge in a generation from a President declaring “America First.”
Having made the case for Canada to Donald Trump at the White House and to senior Republicans on Capitol Hill, the Prime Minister returned home confident the visit was a success.
It could have gone badly, like Mr. Trump’s telephone calls with other world leaders. By all accounts, it did not.


Justin Trudeau Just Showed The World How To Shake Hands With Donald Trump
Nick Wing (The Huffington Post, 13/02/2017)
President Donald Trump has a weird way of shaking hands. His herky-jerky grappling style sometimes makes it look like he’s fighting with the other person, and maybe even trying to rip their arm out of its socket. But Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared prepared for an uncomfortable greeting when he visited the White House on Monday.
A video of Trump welcoming Trudeau shows the prime minister quickly grasping the president’s shoulder with his left arm, seemingly bracing for a potential pull. Trudeau then brings the handshake close and toward his center, cutting off Trump’s leverage and ensuring that his shoulder remains intact.
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Trudeau meets Trump: Watch the full news conference or read the transcript
(CBC News, 13/02/2017)
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump had their first official meeting in Washington on Monday, ending the day with a joint news conference.
Read the full transcript below, or watch the full video above.

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