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13 March 2017 - Brexit Negociations

Publié par Marion Coste le 13/03/2017

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Brexit bill: Ministers expect MPs to reject changes
(UK Politics, 13/03/2017)
Ministers believe MPs will reject the two changes made to the Brexit bill in the House of Lords when they debate it for the second time later.
Peers want to guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK and ensure Parliament has a vote on any deal.
The EU Withdrawal Bill could complete its final stages if both Houses of Parliament agree the text of the bill.

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Foreign Affairs Committee

Foreign Affairs Committee chairman warns UK of 'no deal' Brexit dangers
Joe Barnes (The Express, 12/03/2017)
Crispin Blunt claimed there was a “real possibility” the Prime Minister will have to conclude Britain’s EU divorce without a deal.
The Conservative MP for Reigate, however, insisted such a move would have “serious implications” on the economy, urging the Government to make plans for it.
His backing comes after the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, which has been investigating the Government’s preparation for Brexit, warned there was a “real prospect” that negotiations could fail and the current lack of preparation was a “dereliction of duty”.

European budget

Brexit: UK could demand £9bn back from EU instead of paying divorce bill
Niamh McIntyre (The Independent, 12/03/2017)
Brexit negotiators are confident they can dramatically reduce the size of any bill for leaving the EU, according to legal documents circulated in the Department for Exiting the European Union.
It has previously been suggested that the UK might have to pay around £50bn to the EU after Article 50 was triggered, to plug the deficit in its budget the departure will cause.
The document was drawn up by Martin Howe QC, a founding member of Lawyers for Britain, a group of lawyers who campaigned for Britain to leave the EU in last year’s referendum.
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Third Reich

Ian McEwan: referendums such as Brexit vote remind me of Third Reich
Sam Jones (The Guardian, 12/03/2017)
Ian McEwan has reportedly described the decision to hold a referendum on Brexit as reminiscent of Nazi Germany and likened politicians and newspapers who attack judges scrutinising the process to Robespierre during the terror of the French Revolution.
The award-winning author made the remarks during a visit to Barcelona at the end of last week to promote his latest novel, Nutshell.
In comments reported by Spanish newspapers and websites, McEwan called Brexit “a real disaster”, questioned why it had been put to a referendum rather than parliament and lamented the toxic state of the debate in the UK since the vote last June.

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