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09 May 2017 - Dangers of Hazing on Display at Penn State After Death of a Pledge

Publié par Marion Coste le 05/09/2017

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Penn State Student's Hazing Death Was No Accident, Grand Jury Says
Bill Chapell (NPR, 08/05/2017)
His death was initially ruled an accident. But a grand jury that looked into the case of Timothy Piazza, a Penn State University student who died after a night of excessive drinking in February, is now calling it "the direct result of encouraged reckless conduct."
Eight Beta Theta Pi fraternity members face charges of involuntary manslaughter; an additional 10 face lesser charges. The charges include multiple counts of hazing, reckless endangerment of another person, and furnishing alcohol to minors.
Piazza's injuries included a fracture at the base of his skull and a ruptured spleen. It wasn't until 10:48 a.m. the morning after a Feb. 2 party that an ambulance was called.

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Prosecutors Taking Tougher Stance in Fraternity Hazing Deaths
Richard Pérez-Peña and Sheryl Gay Stolberg (The New York Times, 08/05/2017)
After downing a dangerous amount of alcohol and suffering severe internal injuries during a fraternity hazing, a 19-year-old college sophomore died. Not long ago, the story might have ended there, except for some hand-wringing and litigation.
Instead, prosecutors filed criminal charges on Friday against 18 Penn State students in the death of the man, Timothy Piazza.
The case offers the latest evidence of the harder line prosecutors have started taking when initiation rituals end in death from alcohol or physical abuse. At Baruch College, Northern Illinois University, Fresno State University and elsewhere, fraternity hazing deaths that might once have been labeled regrettable accidents have resulted in criminal charges against students.


Penn State frat's 'grotesque actions' were 'beyond human decency,' Piazza family attorney says
Emily Shapiro (ABC News, 08/05/2017)
The attorney for the family of Penn State fraternity pledge Timothy Piazza, who died after falling down stairs during a pledge ceremony at the frat house, called the actions of the fraternity brothers who didn't call for help the "worst possible debauchery and depravity that you could possibly have anywhere, let alone a college campus."
Piazza, a 19-year-old Penn State sophomore, died on Feb. 4 after he fell down the stairs at Penn State's Beta Theta Pi fraternity the night of Feb. 2. Piazza's blood alcohol content reached 0.28 and 0.36 percent that night. Police were not called to the Beta Theta Pi house -- which has since been barred from Penn State -- until about 12 hours after the initial fall. According to the forensic pathologist, Piazza's death "was the direct result of traumatic brain injuries."
Here are some details from what happened the night of Feb. 2 and early morning hours of Feb. 3 at Beta Theta Pi, according to a grand jury report, which cited evidence including video from surveillance cameras, testimony and phone records.
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A brotherhood of neglect at Penn State
Helen Ubiñas (The Daily Mash, 01/05/2017)
I dare you to read the grand jury report about the hazing death of a 19-year-old Penn State student without getting ill.
Read it without your stomach turning at the lack of humanity shown to Timothy Piazza, who slowly died from head injuries and internal bleeding as his fraternity brothers mostly went on a booze-fueled night.
Read it without being sickened by the warped show of “brotherhood” that allowed fraternity members to justify doing little to help another person and who then put self-preservation above loyalty.

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