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09 February 2017 - Brexit Bill Passes With Huge Majority

Publié par Marion Coste le 02/09/2017

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Brexit Bill gets green light, leaving Labour 'hopelessly divided'
(ITV News, 09/02/2017)
Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by the Tories of leading a "hopelessly divided" Labour Party after Clive Lewis quit to vote against the Brexit Bill.
The senior frontbencher defied a three-line whip after promising last week he would vote against the legislation if amendments to safeguard against a "hard Brexit" were not passed.
In total, 52 Labour MPs rebelled against Mr Corbyn's orders and voted against triggering Article 50 on Wednesday night.

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Shadow Business Secretary

Labour 'hopelessly divided' as Corbyn ally quits over Article 50
Jon Craig (Sky News, 09/02/2017)
One of Jeremy Corbyn's closest left-wing allies has walked out of the Shadow Cabinet as MPs overwhelmingly backed the Government's Article 50 Bill.
Clive Lewis, tipped as a future Labour leader, resigned as Shadow Business Secretary minutes before defying the Labour leader and voting against the Bill.
Amid noisy scenes in the Commons, the Government had a massive majority of 372 as MPs voted by 494 votes to 122 for the Bill's third reading.

No permanent reisdency

MPs reject Brexit bill amendment to protect EU citizens in UK
Jessica Elgot (The Guardian, 08/02/2017)
Attempts to force the government to give all EU citizens in the UK permanent residency after Britain leaves the bloc have been defeated.
The government successfully blocked the bid to add the protections in amendments to the Brexit bill in the House of Commons on Wednesday by 332 votes to 290. Three Tory MPs voted in favour of the amendment – Ken Clarke, Andrew Tyrie and Tania Matthias.
However, the Liberal Democrats said they were confident they have enough support from Labour peers to pass the amendments when the bill is debated in the House of Lords later this month.
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The Commons has seen sense over Article 50 – now the Lords must follow suit
The Telegraph View (The Telegraph, 08/02/2017)
A few months ago, it seemed inconceivable that a Bill to trigger Article 50 and begin the process of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU would get through the Commons unscathed. One reason why Remain campaigners took the Government to court arguing that Parliament must have a say was that they hoped that Brexit might be stopped by MPs.
After all, there was a majority in the Commons to stay and the referendum outcome was close. But it was also decisive; and having agreed to stage the referendum, it would have been undemocratic for Parliament to have gainsaid the wishes of an electorate the MPs entrusted with making the decision. The logic of that position has not been lost on most Remainers in the Commons, who have accepted that Brexit must proceed.

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