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08 June 2017 - UK Election Day

Publié par Marion Coste le 06/08/2017

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What the polls say about Britain’s election
Adam Taylor (The Washington Post, 08/06/2017)
Britons go to the polls on Thursday in their third major nationwide vote in as many years.
The snap election was called by Prime Minister Theresa May in April in a bid to boost her support in Parliament ahead of complicated negotiations to leave the European Union. But polls show the race has unexpectedly tightened over the past few weeks, leading to a much closer battle than anyone expected.
As voting commences, here's WorldView's guide to the three big questions about polling.

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May's lead remains 1 percent point - Survation poll
(Reuters UK, 08/06/2017)
The lead of British Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party over the opposition Labour Party has remained at one percentage point, according to a Survation poll published on Wednesday, one day before Britain's national election.
Survation said it put support for the Conservatives at 41.3 percent with Labour close behind on 40.4 percent.
Other polls published on Wednesday gave the Conservatives wider leads, ranging from five to 12 percentage points.

Press Covfefe

Press gang up on Jeremy Corbyn in election day coverage
Graham Ruddick (The Guardian, 08/06/2017)
The Sun has urged its readers not to “chuck Britain in the Cor-bin” on its final front page before the country votes in the general election.
The tabloid, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, published an editorial on its front page under the headline “Don’t Chuck Britain in the Cor-bin” alongside 10 bullet points that described the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a “terrorists’ friend”, “useless on Brexit”, “puppet of unions” and “Marxist extremist”. The article said readers could “rescue Britain from the catastrophe of a takeover by Labour’s hard-left extremists”.
The Daily Mail front page roared, “Let’s reignite British spirit” on the back of a Theresa May speech and also promoted a feature inside called “Your tactical voting guide to boost the Tories and Brexit”.
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Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn 'drawing bigger crowds than any UK leader since Winston Churchill'
Ben Kentish (The Independent, 08/06/2017)

Jeremy Corbyn is attracting bigger crowds to his campaign rallies than any leader since Winston Churchill, it has been claimed.
Channel 4 journalist Michael Crick, who has followed the Labour leader around the country during the general election campaign, said Mr Corbyn had “probably addressed bigger meetings in 2017 than any leader since Churchill”.
It comes as Mr Corbyn spent the last day of campaigning before the election addressing six rallies in England, Scotland and Wales.

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