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07 September 2017 - Leaked Brexit Papers

Publié par Marion Coste le 09/07/2017

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New leak of Brexit papers reveals fissures between Britain and EU
Jennifer Rankin (The Guardian, 06/09/2017)
The EU will risk heightening tensions with the UK on Brexit by publishing five combative position papers in the coming days, including one that places the onus on Britain to solve the problem of the Irish border, according to documents leaked to the Guardian.
The Irish document shows that Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, will call on the UK to work out “solutions” that avoid the creation of a hard border and guarantee peace on the island.
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Slashing Levels of Migration

Britain to slash EU migration after Brexit, leaked paper says
James Masters (CNN, 06/09/2017)
The UK government has drawn up plans aimed at slashing the levels of migration from the European Union immediately after Brexit, according to a document obtained by the Guardian.
Officials at the Home Office, the UK government department that has responsibility for immigration, outlined a series of stringent measures aimed at making immigration from the EU harder after Britain leaves the bloc in 2019.
They include ending the free movement of labor on the day that Britain leaves the EU, and making it harder for lower-skilled workers to enter.

EU Students

Home Office wants EU students crackdown, Brexit leak reveals
Alan Travis (The Guardian, 06/09/2017)
The Home Office wants to introduce a crackdown on overseas students from the European Union for the first time after Brexit, the official document leaked to the Guardian on future immigration policy reveals.
Officials say it will be necessary to introduce checks on academic ability, English language skills and ensure that students have sufficient funds before they are granted a residence permit to study in Britain.
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Tighter immigration rules are an inevitable consequence of Brexit
(The Telegraph, 06/09/2017)

It would have been a surprise had the leaked Home Office document on future immigration policy proposed retaining the current system allowing free movement of people from the EU. The fact that Whitehall officials are working on a plan to restrict the rights of European citizens to work and settle in the UK is the inevitable consequence of Brexit.
As an independent nation, this country will need to impose its own immigration controls since it will no longer be open to EU nationals to come here as of right. The Home Office paper, which emphasises that the ideas it contains are for discussion and not settled policy, espouses a direction of travel that is unavoidable if the referendum decision is to be upheld.

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