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07 July 2017 - G20: Trump and Putin to Meet for the First Time

Publié par Marion Coste le 07/07/2017

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G20: Trump and Putin to meet face to face for first time
(BBC News, 07/07/2017)
US President Donald Trump is to meet his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, for the first time at a G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.
They have both said they want to repair ties damaged by the crises in Syria and Ukraine, as well as Russia's alleged meddling in the US election.
Climate change and international trade are set to dominate the summit, which is drawing mass protests.

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Trump and Putin meet tomorrow. Here are 6 things to watch
Elizabeth Saunders and Joshua Tucker (The Washington Post, 06/07/2017)
Much has been written about what President Trump might or should do in his meeting with President Vladimir Putin on Friday in Germany. Here are six areas to watch, along with a roundup of previous Monkey Cage coverage of related issues.

Election Fraud

Dem senator: Trump needs to confront Putin on Russian election meddling
Jacqueline Thomsen (The Hill, 06/07/2017)
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) said Thursday that President Trump needs to stop "pussyfooting" around the fact that Russia was involved in interfering in the 2016 election.
Speaking to NBC's Meet The Press, Klobuchar dismissed Trump's attacks aimed at former President Obama for not doing more during his time to stop election interference, and ripped Trump for not working harder to pass a Senate bill aimed at enforcing tougher sanctions on Russia.
"I think it would have been much more powerful to have that sanctions bill in his hand, and have that signed that into law and not pussyfoot around the fact that it was Russia that tried to interfere in our elections, as the president did in his answers to the questions,” Klobuchar said Thursday.
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Russian Interference

Three minutes of Trump - decoded line by line
Anthony Zurcher (BBC, 06/07/2017)

There's an old saying in Washington that politics should "stop at the water's edge".
It reflects the tradition that, while a president is overseas, domestic bickering should be put on hold, as partisan grievances are best kept within the family.
Those norms, which used to be considered iron-clad, have frayed considerably in recent decades. Leave it to Donald Trump, however, to throw kerosene on whatever remains and dance around the ashes.

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