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05 October 2017 - Theresa May's Disastrous Speech at Tory Conference

Publié par Marion Coste le 10/05/2017

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Theresa May offers the ‘British dream’ but speech turns into a nightmare
Anushka Asthana and Jessica Elgot (The Guardian, 05/10/2017)
Theresa May sought to relaunch her premiership on Wednesday by offering voters the “British dream” but the most personal speech of her premiership was overshadowed by a prankster handing her a P45, an incessant cough, and problems with the backdrop.
The prime minister attempted to shift the focus from Brexit infighting to domestic policy on energy bills and council housing, but at times struggled to deliver her words as her voice faltered. After accepting a glass of water and a cough sweet from the chancellor, Philip Hammond, May ploughed on with a conference speech that was designed to set out her credo but ended with questions about her future.
With the Conservatives already weakened by the loss of a parliamentary majority in June’s snap election, the accident-prone presentation made some in the party question how long the prime minister could carry on. One MP said colleagues were asking: “Is it going to improve over the next 18 months?” and added: “It’s hard to see how it can.”

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Prime Minister

What a not so swell party conference speech that was
Alison Rowat (Sunday Herald, 05/10/2017)
She came, she coughed, she failed to conquer the doubters. Between Kermit taking up residence in her throat, some muppet handing her a P45, and the backdrop falling apart, the only thing missing from the carnage that was Theresa May’s speech to her party conference yesterday was Sir David Attenborough providing the commentary.
Just as it was impossible to look away, so it is hard to see how the Prime Minister can come back easily from this.
On a purely human level it would be an odd person who did not feel sympathy for Mrs May as she struggled to get to the end of what was a 65-minute speech but must have felt to her like six hours. Those who enjoyed seeing a person in such obvious distress, and there are always some, really should get out more and mingle with the human race.

'Nothing Quite Like It'

What now for Theresa May and her party?
Laura Kuenssberg (BBC News, 04/10/2017)
The conference has packed up. The prime minister is home. No one will forget her speech. And there are MPs who believe that today's surreal events ought to mark the beginning of the end.
There is a group of them ramping up their discussions about persuading her to go. One minister said the situation is "brutal" but the events will hasten her departure because it is "like the moment when the vet tells you it is more cruel to keep the labrador alive".
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Theresa May’s Conservative conference speech, full text
(The Spectator, 04/10/2017)

A little over forty years ago in a small village in Oxfordshire, I signed up to be a member of the Conservative Party. I did it because it was the party that had the ideas to build a better Britain. It understood the hard work and discipline necessary to see them through.
And it had at its heart a simple promise that spoke to me, my values and my aspirations: that each new generation in our country should be able to build a better future. That each generation should live the British Dream. And that dream is what I believe in.
But what the General Election earlier this year showed is that, forty years later, for too many people in our country that dream feels distant, our party’s ability to deliver it is in question, and the British Dream that has inspired generations of Britons feels increasingly out of reach.

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