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05 May 2017 - Prince Philip to Retire from Royal Duties

Publié par Marion Coste le 05/05/2017

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The Guardian view on Prince Philip: the challenges of royal renewal
Editorial (The Guardian, 05/05/2017)
One of many peculiarities of Britain’s constitutional arrangements is the habit of calling the wife of a king the Queen, while the husband of the Queen is not king. If Philip Mountbatten, scion of Greek and Danish royalty, from the ancient House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, has ever felt short-changed by his matrimonial alliance with the House of Windsor, he has never let it show.
Prince Philip turns 96 next month and he has maintained a formidable diary of official engagements long past the age at which Her Majesty’s subjects are entitled to a state pension. The Duke of Edinburgh (also the Earl of Merioneth, Baron Greenwich and Lord High Admiral) received generous tribute for the length of his public service on the announcement today of his retirement. His commitment to the work of a modern monarchy is beyond dispute, even to those who believe an institution defined by unearned powers cannot be modern.

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For Frenzied News Media, an Anticlimax: Prince Philip Is Retiring
Dan Bilefsky (The New York Times, 04/05/2017)
After a frenzied, middle-of-the-night scramble by the global news media for strategic real estate outside Buckingham Palace and an hourslong wait in the cold, the much-anticipated announcement finally came: A 95-year-old man was retiring.
That would be Prince Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, the gaffe-prone but grumpily endearing and loyal husband of Queen Elizabeth II for almost 70 years — the longest royal union in British history — who has served the country for nearly as long.
“His royal highness the Duke of Edinburgh has decided that he will no longer carry out public engagements from the autumn of this year. In taking this decision, the duke has the full support of the queen,” read the terse statement from the palace, which gave no reason for the retirement.

"I declare this thing open, whatever it is"

Prince Philip: King of the Awkward and Offensive One-Liner
Stephen Castle (The New York Times, 04/05/2017)
Brusque, avuncular, and with a reputation for being overly plain-speaking, Prince Philip has over seven decades been a formidable presence at the side of Queen Elizabeth II as she made the countless round of dinners, ceremonies and other engagements expected of the British monarch.
A product of the “stiff upper lip” era, the prince, 95 — who Buckingham Palace announced on Thursday was stepping back from his public duties — has over the years produced a remarkable collection of politically incorrect, tone deaf and, on occasion, outrageous one-liners that have been gleefully recorded by generations of British journalists.
We have compiled some notable examples here.
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Prince Charles

It is now my duty to say those things, says Charles
(The Daily Mash, 01/05/2017)
The Prince of Wales has accepted that it is now his duty, following his father’s retirement from public life, to say those things to those people.
Prince Charles is thought to have accepted his responsibility with a heavy heart but recognises that the Duke of Edinburgh’s legacy must continue.
He said: “It is a sad day both for my father and for me, because he enjoyed making those remarks to the same degree that I abhor them.

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