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02 May 2017 - Tony Blair to return to UK politics against Brexit

Publié par Marion Coste le 05/02/2017

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Tony Blair announces return in bid to influence Brexit debate
George Sandeman (The Guardian, 01/05/2017)
Tony Blair has said he plans to become more involved in the debate surrounding Britain’s departure from the European Union because of the harm it would cause the country.
The former prime minister said he would be “getting out more and reconnecting with voters” because of his worries about the economic damage incurred by leaving the single market, and warned that there were some Conservative politicians who wanted to deliver Brexit at any cost.
He said he would not be standing for a parliamentary seat or giving up work with his charitable foundation, but would try to influence the policy debate shaping the government’s exit negotiations.

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Vocal Critic

Tony Blair returns to UK politics to ‘get hands dirty’ in fight against Brexit
Rachael Revesz (The Independent, 10/05/2017)
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair and said he was returning to politics to fight Brexit, but has shown no sign of relenting his criticism of current leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Mr Blair said he would not be standing in the 8 June General election, but he told the Daily Mirror newspaper that he wanted to speak out and have influence on policy as Britain negotiates to leave the European Union.
The 63-year-old, who won the 1997 General election in a landslide and whose multiple terms came to be dominated by the Iraq War, said he knew he would face criticism for plunging back into politics.


Tony Blair MOCKED after pledging political comeback to halt clean Brexit
Macer Hall (Express, 01/05/2017)
The former Labour prime minister accepted he was reviled by many voters but insisted he was desperate to speak out in the debate about the country's future.
And he claimed Britain will one day re-join the European bloc even if Brexit goes ahead.
Mr Blair said: "My prediction is it may take another generation but at some point we will want to be back in the EU."
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Tony Blair's Legacy

Tony Blair's legacy 20 years on
Brian Wheeler (BBC, 01/05/2017)
It is 20 years to the day that Tony Blair won a landslide general election victory for Labour - how did he change the country and what is left of his legacy?
"A new dawn has broken, has it not?"
With these words, spoken to a cheering crowd of supporters as the sun rose over London's South Bank, Tony Blair ushered in the first Labour government in 18 years.

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