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7 January 2016 - Northern Ireland's abortion ban

Publié par Marion Coste le 01/07/2016

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Northern Ireland leader vows to prevent abortion act

(Lawyer Herald, 07/01/2016)

First female leader of Northern Ireland promised to prevent the Abortion Act being extended to the region. The statement of Arlene Foster ignited a legal clash between the government and pro-choice advocates in the courts.
On Monday, The Guardian reported that the female leader intends to maintain the Democratic Unionist Party's opposition to any reform of the region's strict abortion laws. Few citizens of Ireland considers the law ignominious and shameful.
Arlene Foster who was elected as the Democratic Unionist Party leader also stressed that she would not want abortion to be as freely available in Ireland as it is in England. Even before her unopposed victory in the election, Arlene Foster was already adamant about her stand against supporting the extension of the 1967 act.

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Illegal pills

Illegal pills and trauma: how Northern Ireland's abortion ban affects women
Carmen Fishwick (The Guardian, 05/01/2016)
Emilia Price was 20 when she became pregnant. She was taking the contraceptive pill and did not want a child. But as she stared at her positive pregnancy test in a toilet cubicle in a shopping centre in Belfast, she knew she was facing a stressful decision: travel overseas for an abortion, seek out an illegal and potentially dangerous solution such as buying abortion pills online, or continue with the unwanted pregnancy.
Although it would take her years to pay back the debt, she used her new credit card to pay for the journey from Belfast to London so she could have a termination.
“I remember trying to hide how sick I felt as I boarded the plane, terrified they wouldn’t let me fly. I felt desperately ill during the journey, and I was retching the whole way on my empty stomach,” Pricesaid. “I thought everyone on board must have known where I was going on that early morning flight.”

Criminal prosecution
‘Legal tightrope’: N. Irish medics fear life imprisonment over abortion advice
(RT, 05/01/2016)
Medics in Northern Ireland are anxious they could face imprisonment for offering advice to women who are seeking an abortion, healthcare leaders have warned.
Doctors are fearful the provision of advice about abortion clinics in England could prove illegal under Northern Irish law.
The number of legal abortions being conducted in the region has dropped by fifty percent over the past 24 months because doctors and midwives are alarmed by punitive guidelines concerning abortion in the jurisdiction.
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Illegal pill trade

From Nagpur to Northern Ireland: pill pipeline helping women get round abortion laws
Juliette Jowit (The Guardian, 06/01/2016)
Delicious smells permeate a small office in Nagpur as an elderly woman cooks lunch for the 40-odd staff: roti, steamed rice, moong bean dal, spicy potato hash and mutter paneer curry.
It’s all a long way, geographically and culturally, from the streets of Belfast nearly 5,000 away. But the two cities are joined by a hidden thread, a pharma pipeline that is helping many hundreds of women in Northern Ireland to get around its stringent anti-abortion law.
From the “Orange City”, as Nagpur, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, is known, a company called NN Agencies sources abortion pills that are freely available across India, and sends them to places where women can’t get abortions. Places such as Northern Ireland.
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