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30 September 2016 - Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Royal Visit to Canada

Publié par Marion Coste le 30/09/2016

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Travel Like a Royal: The Brand Ambassadorship of William and Kate in Canada
Guy Martin (Forbes, 29/09/2016)
Busy with our own rough and tumble at home and abroad, Americans don’t often focus on our arctic brothers to the North. Didn’t Mike Myers come from some God-forsaken place in the woods up there? Isn’t that why we see him sometimes on his off days wandering around with a hockey stick? That new prime minister’s last name ends in a French-sounding vowel, right?
All good, but Canada is a parliamentary monarchy, at the head of which is the House of Windsor, and at the head of that sits the Queen. As winning and youthful and brimming with hope and possibility as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire may seem – and boy, do we wish we had a couple like that trying for the White House about now – the Queen is the head of the Canadian state.

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Canadians are not vassals of the British crown – it’s time we severed our ties
Jordan Tannahill (The Guardian, 27/09/2016)
The leading news story following the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s arrival in Victoria, Canada, on Saturday was the unreturned high five Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau offered up to three-year-old Prince George. The press on both sides of the ocean fawned over this five-second encounter – our superstar prime minister, down on one knee, trying first for a top-down high five, then a classic straight-on one, then a handshake, as the dapper little prince looked on, unmoved.
The royal couple’s west coast PR junket of British Columbia and the Yukon is itself a kind of high-five offer to Canada, and one that many of us are not inclined to return. Indeed, one of British Columbia’s First Nations chiefs has declined to participate in a reconciliation ceremony with the royal couple, describing the event as a “public charade” that papers over the Canadian government’s failure to keep its promises to indigenous peoples. This visit offers Canadians the important opportunity to discuss our status as a constitutional monarchy in the new era of Trudeau, and to ask ourselves searching questions about our identity as a nation.

No high five

No five: Prince George refuses greeting from Canada's Justin Trudeau
Staff and agencies (The Guardian, 26/09/2016)
ustin Trudeau’s charm has finally met its match in the form of good old-fashioned British reserve.
The Canadian prime minister was shut down while trying to greet Britain’s Prince George on the runway when the royal family arrived for their tour of British Columbia.
Landing in Canada on Saturday on a week-long official visit with parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the prince simply shook his head when Trudeau squatted down to the toddler’s level to offer a high-five variation, the low-five.
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In Pictures

Royals in Canada: Images of William, Kate and children on tour
 (BBC, 29/09/2016)
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in Canada with their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, for a royal tour, five years after they first visited the country as newly-weds.
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