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29 February 2016 - Academy Awards

Publié par Marion Coste le 03/01/2016

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Oscars 2016: Spotlight wins best picture; DiCaprio, Inarritu, Larson take trophies

Jessica Wong (CBC News, 28/02/2016)

Ensemble drama Spotlight, an ode to traditional, dogged investigative journalism, took the top prize at the 88th annual Academy Awards, during a ceremony that addressed Hollywood's lack of inclusion and the #OscarsSoWhite scandal head on.
The major awards were spread out to several front-runners.
Tom McCarthy's Spotlight, about the Boston Globe's exposé of rampant sexual abuse in the city's Catholic Church, picked up the coveted final award — best picture — after having been the night's first winner, for best original screenplay.

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Academy Awards 2016: Highlights and Analysis
Cara Buckley (The New York Times, 29/02/2016)
In a year that was so hard to predict, “Spotlight” surprised loads of us predictors with its best picture win.
This was despite the fact that the film — about The Boston Globe’s investigation into the Catholic Church’s cover-up of pedophile priests — was the early favorite out of the Telluride and Toronto film festivals last year. But as the season wore on, people speculated that “Spotlight” might not have the panache or filmmakerly heft to take best picture.
This sentiment solidified when the usual signs kept pointing away from the film, with “The Revenant” picking up the Golden Globe for best drama and also the Producers Guild Award. That group also uses the same convoluted voting system as the Academy. And then “The Big Short” won the Directors Guild’s top honor.


Oscar host Rock's performance of a lifetime
Ben Sutherland (BBC, 29/02/2016)
The #OscarsSoWhite controversy that dominated the build-up to the Oscars - which focused on the fact that all 20 nominees in the acting categories were white - led to leading black figures in Hollywood, including director Spike Lee and actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, boycotting the event, while Rock himself faced calls to step down as host.
But rather than shy away from it, Rock used #OscarsSoWhite as the basis for some superbly satirical routines.
In fact he - and, to their credit, the awards producers - made the controversy the dominant theme, while managing to avoid it overshadowing the prize-giving or overly humiliating the A-list audience.
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Spotlight and The Revenant deserve their Oscars – but where were Carol's?
Peter Bradshaw (The Guardian, 29/02/2016)

Insofar as it’s possible to get a surprise at the Academy Awards – an event in which outcome-permutations are notoriously reduced almost to zero before anything happens at all – we had one tonight. Spotlight has won best picture: a high-minded, heartfelt and thoroughly absorbing movie about a journalism campaign pursued at the beginning of the last decade by the Boston Globe’s investigative reporting team Spotlight. It exposed child sex abuse by the Catholic church and the way the city’s conservative and clubbable institutions conspired to cover it up and look the other way: and this included the Globe itself.
It was a classic issue movie, in this case about journalists caring about something other than building their personal brand on Twitter. And it reminds everyone working in today’s digital, atomised world of journalism that sometimes only big, old-fashioned newspapers have the collective, institutional weight and clout to go up against wholesale wrongdoing. Perhaps after the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, the Academy has found a way of showing its accusers that it does care about progressive issues. But by next year the Academy will have to find a way to show the world it is a more modern, transparent institution — perhaps by publishing its membership criteria and even the voting breakdown?
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