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29 April 2016 - Labour Party Suspends Ex-London Mayor Over Hitler Remarks

Publié par Marion Coste le 29/04/2016

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How Ken Livingstone left Labour in turmoil after claiming Hitler backed moving Jews to Israel
Steven Swinford (The Telegraph, 28/04/2016)

When Jeremy Corbyn finally suspended Naz Shah, a Labour MP, for anti-Semitic comments on Wednesday afternoon he had hoped to draw a line under the furore engulfing his party.
By 9.30 on Thursday morning, however, his friend and close ally Ken Livingstone had single-handedly reignited the row after deciding to mount an extraordinary defence of Ms Shah live on BBC Radio London.
Mr Livingstone, who sits on Labour's National Executive Committee and is co-chairman of the party's defence review, claimed that Ms Shah's suggestion that Israel should be "relocated" to the US was not anti-Semitic.

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Ken Livingstone and John Mann row

Antisemitism and Labour: three days that shook the party
Jessica Elgot, Matthew Weaver and Peter Walker (The Guardian, 28/04/2016)
It started with a Facebook post, made by a little-known politician nine months before even she became an MP, and ended with Labour being plunged into a damaging public row about antisemitism 48 hours after the posting resurfaced on a rightwing gossip blog.
On Tuesday morning the Guido Fawkes website reported that Naz Shah, the first-term Bradford MP, had made a series of offensive social media postings. One showed a picture of Israel superimposed over the US, with the comment: “Problem solved and save you bank charges for the £3bn you transfer yearly.”

'Nazi apologist'

Zionism and Hitler? A guide to the wild scandal rocking Britain’s left
Adam Taylor (The Washington Post, 26/04/2016)
British politics is in chaos on Thursday after a scandal over Israel and anti-Semitism devolved into a vicious fight over the views of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
The scandal had already seen Naz Shah, one of Britain's few female Muslim members of Parliament, suspended from the Labour Party on Wednesday. On Thursday, Ken Livingstone, the controversial former mayor of London, was also suspended from the party and publicly accused of being a "disgusting" Nazi apologist by a Labour colleague.
For many in Britain, the scandal is part of a wider problem for Labour's left wing, which has come to dominate the party after the selection of Jeremy Corbyn as leader last year. This wing of the party has generally supported Palestinian causes — but some rivals say that support has been tainted by anti-Semitism within the party's ranks.

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National Press

Ken Livingstone's 'grotesque analogies' unite the national press
Roy Greenslade (The Guardian, 29/04/2016)
Has Ken Livingstone lost the plot? Can he not see that what he said about Hitler and Zionism was utterly barmy? Does he not realise that his remarks were an historical nonsense?
It is no wonder, except possibly to him and a lunatic Labour fringe, that the national press of all political persuasions has turned on him.
The headlines, articles and editorials in Friday’s newspapers were unusually united in their condemnation of a politician whose clumsy attempts to quell allegations of antisemitism within Labour have had the opposite effect.
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