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26 September 2016 - Jeremy Corbyn reelected leader of the Labour Party

Publié par Marion Coste le 26/09/2016

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Jeremy Corbyn wins: Labour leader confounds critics again with victory over Owen Smith
Joe Watts (The Independent, 24/09/2016)
Jeremy Corbyn has confounded his critics by winning a Labour leadership contest for the second time in two years.
His victory, announced in Liverpool, was broadly expected following a exhausting contest that has tested Labour’s unity to its absolute limits.
He won by a large margin, taking 313,000 votes compared to rival Owen Smith's 193,000.

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"Unelectable Leader"

National newspapers unimpressed by Jeremy Corbyn's victory
Roy Greenslade (The Guardian, 25/09/2016)
Labour leaders who won general elections (including Tony Blair) did so without the majority of national newspapers supporting them.
If Jeremy Corbyn is to lead Labour to victory, it looks as if he will have to do so with virtually no press backing whatsoever.
The Sunday nationals greeted his increased mandate in the leadership triumph, which he viewed as a personal “vindication”, with yet another round of highly critical editorials.
Although predictable from the rightwing titles, the traditional Labour papers were anything but delighted by the result.


Labour leadership: Corbyn vows to give 'more power' to activists
(BBC News, 25/09/2016)
Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to give more say over policy-making to grass-roots Labour supporters to help build a "more equal and decent society".
The Labour leader told the BBC the way decisions were taken in the party after his re-election had to be opened up.
He also sought to build bridges with MPs critical of him by saying the "vast majority" have no fear of being barred from standing at the next election.
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Sweeping victory

If you can’t beat Jeremy Corbyn, you’d better try to learn from him
Andrew Rawnsley (The Guardian, 25/09/2016)
Speaking shortly before the re-coronation of Jeremy Corbyn, one Labour MP gloomily remarked of Owen Smith’s failed challenge: “It was always a kamikaze mission.”
Oh no, it has turned out much more desperate than that for Labour’s parliamentarians. Back in July, when the challenge was launched off the back of a no-confidence vote by MPs and mass resignations from the frontbench, few of his colleagues thought Mr Smith could win. The purpose of the exercise, or so they calculated, was not to install a new leader but to take the shine off the incumbent. Mr Smith was designed, and in more than one sense, to be the anti-Momentum candidate. If Mr Corbyn could be run reasonably close, so backers of the challenge hoped, it would diminish the “mandate” that he and his supporters have spent the last 12 months brandishing in the face of Labour MPs.
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