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25 January 2016 - Historic blizzard hits the US

Publié par Marion Coste le 25/01/2016

New York rebounds after blizzard, Washington shuts down government

Frank McGurty and Ian Simpson (Reuters, 24/01/2016)

New York City emerged on Sunday from a massive blizzard that paralyzed much of the U.S. East Coast, while snowy gridlock gripped the nation's capital and surrounding areas, where federal, state and local offices planned to remain closed on Monday.
Midtown Manhattan sprang back to life on a bright and sunny Sunday as residents and tourists rejoiced in the warming sunlight, digging out buried cars, heading to reopened Broadway shows and cavorting in massive drifts left by New York City's second-biggest snowstorm on record.
In Washington, where a traffic ban remained in effect, the recovery got off to a slower start, with the entire metropolitan transit system closed through Sunday. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management said federal government offices in the Washington area would be shut down on Monday, along with local government offices and public schools in the District of Columbia and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs. Virginia and Maryland state offices also were ordered closed.

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Public transport

After epic blizzard weekend, a difficult commute awaits
(CBS News, 24/01/2016)
After a weekend of sledding, snowboarding and staying put, the blizzard-blanketed Eastern U.S. will confront a Monday commute slowed by slick roads, damaged transit lines and endless mounds of snow.
Authorities cautioned against unnecessary driving, airline schedules were in disarray and commuter trains will be delayed or canceled for many as the work week begins after a storm that dumped near record snows on the densely populated Washington, D.C. to New York City corridor.
Millions of Americans spent Sunday digging out of the snow after the mammoth blizzard sacked the East Coast, whose wide-ranging effects included more than two dozens deaths and mass airline cancellations.

Watch As Blizzard Transforms New York City Into A Snowboarder's Paradise
Ed Mazza (The Huffington Post, 24/01/2016)
When it comes to snowboarding destinations, New York City isn't at the top of the list.
In fact, it generally doesn't make the list at all.
That all changed with the blizzard this weekend when viral video maker Casey Neistat turned the snowy streets into his own snowboarding course.
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East Coast

East Coast begins digging out from mountains of snow left by blizzard
 Noah Bierman and Matt Hansen (Los Angeles Times, 24/01/2016)
One of the fiercest blizzards to strike the eastern United States in decades moved offshore Sunday, leaving a trail of record snowfalls in major cities, heavy flooding up and down the coast, and at least 27 people dead.
As sunshine replaced the whiteout conditions of the day before, people in New York, Washington and other cities ventured out in wonder to view a landscape transformed. Residents spent hours digging out cars encased in igloos of snow that grew denser as the day wore on. Some resorted to using cones, chairs and even tables to reserve their chiseled-out parking spaces.
Others pulled out their sleds and cross-country skis and took to the still-quiet streets and to parks that were covered in knee-high drifts.
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