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25 April 2016 - Shakespeare's 400th anniversary

Publié par Marion Coste le 25/04/2016

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William Shakespeare's anniversary: In pictures
(BBC News, 23/04/2016)

Celebrations marking the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death are taking place across the UK. A procession of people in Shakespearean costume begun the celebration in Shakespeare's birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon, while London's Globe theatre had a visit from US President Barack Obama.

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Countryfile Shakespeare special caps show's unexpected success
John Plunkett The Guardian, 24/04/2016)
Countryfile is the unexpected TV success story of its generation, a rural affairs show that went from fewer than 2 million viewers to become the most watched factual programme on British television.
At its peak, the Sunday night show fronted by Matt Baker, Ellie Harrison and John Craven was watched by more than 9 million viewers, eclipsing BBC1’s EastEnders, Saturday night talent show The Voice and briefly topping Simon Cowell’s The X Factor on ITV.
Its place at the broadcasting top table will be confirmed on Sunday when Dame Judi Dench joins Craven for a Shakespeare special at 7pm, and the pair perform together as the world’s unlikeliest Romeo and Juliet.


William Shakespeare 400th anniversary: The Bard's works on screen - the hits and the misses
Geoffrey Macnab (The Independent, 22/04/2016)
You just can’t escape Shakespeare on screen. An estimated 500 adaptations of his plays were made in the silent era alone. Since then, there have been westerns, sci-fi pictures, B-movies, gangster films and samurai versions of the writer’s work. He has inspired several musicals, lots of comedies, teen romances, beatnik dramas and some horror films too. The real mystery is why so few of them have been any good.
David Thompson’s All The World’s A Screen: Shakespeare On Film, a BBC Four Arena documentary to be broadcast this weekend, makes the argument that Laurence Olivier’s wartime Henry V (1944) was the first really decent Shakespeare movie. “It took 50 years for his work to be turned into a truly cinematic experience,” the documentary tells us. Olivier himself was convinced that his film eclipsed everything that had come before it. He had finally found a way to make Shakespeare cinematic. It helped that the film had an obvious topicality. It was a nationalistic, morale-boosting war movie which found a very receptive audience in wartime Britain.

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Digital library

William Shakespeare goes digital as British Library allows public to download first editions
Chris Graham (The Telegraph, 23/04/2016)
The British Library is giving the public a chance to download rare first edition copies of some of William Shakespeare's most famous plays.
Marking 400 years since the Bard's death, the "digital library" comprises specially-designed wallpaper featuring virtual bookshelves.
On the spines and covers of the "books" will be a QR code, which people can scan with their smartphone to download a copy of one of the quartos - the pamphlets of Shakespeare's plays that were first printed in 1594.
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