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23 June 2016 - EU Referendum polling day

Publié par Marion Coste le 23/06/2016

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Voting begins in EU referendum as polls say result too close to call
Claire Phipps (The Guardian, 23/06/2016)

Polling stations have opened across the United Kingdom on Thursday morning after a closely-fought referendum campaign that neither side is confident enough to call.
A final rash of polls offered mixed predictions, with two putting remain ahead and two suggesting leads for leave. Most suggest as many as 10% of voters are still undecided, meaning much could hinge on turnout today.
Politicians on both sides made their final pitches yesterday, slaloming the UK in a last-ditch effort to win over waverers and opponents.

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Historic Vote

Britons head to the polls for historic vote on E.U.
Griff Witte (The Washington Post, 23/06/2016)
Britons from the far Scottish isles to the tip of Gibraltar began casting their ballots Thursday in a historic referendum that could rock the global economy and deeply unsettle the Western political order.
After months of bitter campaigning that sharply divided the country over questions of immigration and identity, election day dawned with a cliffhanger: Final polls showed Britons almost exactly split over whether the country should exit the 28-member European Union.
Voting takes place throughout the day on Thursday, and the results are expected early Friday (Thursday evening Eastern time.


EU Referendum Polls Open As Flooding Hits Polling Stations In South East England
Louise Ridley (The Huffington Post, 23/06/2016)
“Massive” queues have been reported at polling stations as the EU Referendum kicks off, despite torrential rain hitting parts of the country.
Polling stations have been flooded in areas including Kingston and Worcester Park, and one voter said they had to be “carried in” as torrential downpours swamped parts of London and the South East.
The fire brigade has been inundated with more than 300 emergency calls.
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US Presidential race

Britain's 'Brexit' Vote Has Echoes Of The U.S. Presidential Race
Frank Langfitt (NPR, 22/06/2016)
When American Erik Bidenkap arrived in London from the U.S. six weeks ago, he thought he was leaving behind the toxic politics of the U.S. presidential race.
Bidenkap said he was hoping for a more intellectual, perhaps even philosophical, discussion of the question U.K. citizens will decide Thursday: whether to leave the European Union.
"I expected there would be more civility, politeness, I guess," Bidenkap said over pints at a pub near his apartment in London's Notting Hill section. "I expected the conversation to be of a higher level.".
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