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22 September 2016 - State emergency declared after violent clashes in Charlotte, North Carolina

Publié par Marion Coste le 22/09/2016

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N.C. governor declares state of emergency after another night of violence in Charlotte
Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Lindsey Bever and William Wan (The Washington Post, 22/09/2016)

After a second night of violent demonstrations here that left one man clinging to life and several businesses damaged, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency just before midnight Wednesday and sent the National Guard and state troopers to assist local police.
A march of a few hundred people turned chaotic after dusk, after protesters attempted to follow police in riot gear into the lobby of an uptown hotel. Officers used tear gas, and then a reporter heard a gunshot and saw a man lying in the street near the hotel entrance.
The man, who was not identified, was taken to a hospital with injuries that medics said were “life-threatening.” Officials announced on Twitter that the man had died, then later tweeted that he was on “life support.” No other information was given.

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State of emergency declared in Charlotte as new protests erupt; at least 7 people injured, 1 seriously
Jaweed Kaleem (The Los Angeles Times, 21/09/2016)
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency in Charlotte on Wednesday night after violent new protests over the police shooting of a black man erupted in the heart of downtown, leaving one man shot and critically wounded.
The shooting Wednesday night occurred as protesters waded into the streets and began streaming toward downtown hotels while police in riot gear fired tear gas and attempted to block their progress.
The governor announced he has initiated efforts to deploy the National Guard and state troopers to help quell the violence, which has raged for the last two nights in Charlotte in response to the death of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott.

Fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott

Charlotte is Burning: Waking up From the American Dream… Finally?
Heather Ann Thompson (NBC News, 21/09/2016)
In Charlotte, North Carolina last night another black man was shot to death by a police officer.
The officer said he had a gun. The family of Keith Lamont Scott said he had a book. And then the city exploded.
And when people erupt in Charlotte, North Carolina, it gives the nation real pause. Why? Because this isn't a decaying northern city like Baltimore, nor is it a rust-belt city like Chicago. When police shoot unarmed citizens in those places, not a few wonder if the ugliness that takes place there in fact says more about the intractable violence of inner cities than it does about police aggression or unequal justice under the law.
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Protesting police brutality

Police shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte are symptomatic of a deep problem in America
James Ragland (The Dallas News, 21/09/2016)
The list of cities — places where community esprit de corps is pierced by officer-involved shootings of black men — keeps growing.
At some point — and hopefully this is that breakthrough moment — all of America must come together and say these sorts of shootings, particularly the one captured on video in Tulsa, are unacceptable, if not indefensible.
Justice can't be a dead-end street for black men in America.
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