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22 November 2016 - Donald Trump to withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership

Publié par Marion Coste le 22/11/2016

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Donald Trump to 'withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership' on day one
Nicky Woolf, Justin McCurry and Benjamin Haas (The Guardian, 22/11/2016)
Donald Trump has issued a video outlining his policy plans for his first 100 days in office and vowing to issue a note of intent to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership “from day one”.
In the brief clip posted to YouTube on Monday, the president-elect said that “our transition team is working very smoothly, efficiently, and effectively”, contradicting a wealth of media reports telling of chaos in Trump Tower as Trump struggles to build a team.
He said that he was going to issue a note of intent to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, calling it “a potential disaster for our country”. Instead he said he would “negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back”.

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Self-inflicted injury

A Trump Pacific Partnership
The Editorial Board (The Washington Post, 21/11/2016)
To the extent the divided American electorate can be said to agree on anything after Nov. 8, it would seem to be broad rejection of “trade deals” such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Both major-party candidates, Republican winner Donald Trump and Democratic loser Hillary Clinton — as well as her erstwhile primary opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — opposed it. Not surprisingly, the Senate will not take up the TPP in the lame-duck session.
Therefore, there was a certain pathos to President Obama’s valedictory performance at last weekend’s Asia-Pacific economic summit. With Mr. Trump, the most vehement protectionist to win the presidency in recent memory, preparing to take over at the White House on Jan. 20, Mr. Obama urged the region’s leaders not to give up on the TPP or the American presence in Asia that it would embody and perpetuate. Meanwhile, China’s strongman, Xi Jinping, offered membership in its alternative to the TPP, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, a less ambitious tariff-cutting plan whose main impact would be to substitute Beijing for Washington as the Asia-Pacific region’s economic and, potentially, strategic heavyweight.

Withdrawing on the first day

Donald Trump Kills The World's Biggest Trade Deal
Karen Barlow (The Huffington Post, 22/11/2016)
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was thought to be dead on the election of Donald Trump; now the man himself has confirmed its passing.
The U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has released a video statement outlining his plans for assuming office and his first 100 days in power.
"I've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs," Trump said.
Top of the list is pulling out of the yet to be finalised, world's biggest trade deal, the 12 nation Asia Pacific pact, to which Australia is a signatory.
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Youtube video

Trump, on YouTube, Pledges to Create Jobs
Michael D. Shear and Julie Hirschfeld (The New York Times, 21/11/2016)
President-elect Donald J. Trump on Monday released a two-and-a-half-minute infomercial-style video, turning to social media to deliver a direct-to-camera message in which he vowed to create jobs, renegotiate trade agreements, end restrictions on energy production and impose bans on lobbying.
Mr. Trump offered what he called an update on his transition, which he said was going “very smoothly, efficiently and effectively.” Reading from a script and looking into a camera, he steered clear of his most inflammatory campaign promises to deport immigrants and track Muslims and his pledge to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
“Whether it’s producing steel, building cars or curing disease, I want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here, in our great homeland: America — creating wealth and jobs for American workers,” Mr. Trump said in the video.
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