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19 May 2016 - Queen Elizabeth II Presents UK Government Agenda

Publié par Marion Coste le 19/05/2016

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The Queen talks extremism and prison reform in Britain's parliament
Angela Dewan (CNN, 18/05/2016)

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II took a member of parliament hostage in her palace today before speaking in parliament to deliver the annual Queen's Speech. If the 90-year-old monarch returns home in one piece, her hostage will be freed.
It is just one of many centuries-old traditions surrounding the event to mark the start of the parliamentary year, in which Her Majesty delivers a speech written by the government, outlining its agenda.
Sitting on a throne in parliament's upper House of Lords, the bejeweled Queen sported a diamond-studded crown as she delivered the Conservative-led government's vision, highlighting a radical shake-up of its aging prison system as its centerpiece.

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Internet connexion

Queen Elizabeth calls for right to high-speed Internet
Ken Shepherd (The Washington Times, 18/05/2016)
In her latest address to the nation’s Parliament, Queen Elizabeth II called for the enactment of a new law essentially guaranteeing Britons the right to a minimum download speed on their Internet service.
A new “Universal Service Obligation will mean anyone can request a 10Mbps internet connection, and will be in line for compensation if the service is sub-par,” The Daily Mail reported.
In comparison, Statista.com notes that the “global average connection speed was 5.6 Mbps.” The European country with the highest average Internet connection at the end of 2015, was Sweden, at 19.1 Mbps.

In Pictures

The Queen's Speech: Parliament Opens Amid Lavish Ritual
(NBC News, 18/05/2016)

The Grenadier Guards await the departure of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II from Buckingham Palace for the the opening of Parliament in London on May 18, 2016. The annual State Opening of Parliament is steeped in centuries-old symbolism of the power struggle between Parliament and the British monarchy. In a display of regal wealth and finery, the queen traveled from Buckingham Palace in the horse-drawn Diamond Jubilee State Coach, and delivered the speech -- written for her by the government -- wearing the Imperial State Crown.

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The more things change: deja vu from the Queen and her speech
John Crace (The Guardian, 18/05/2016)
The Queen winced. The crown seemed to get heavier every year and her knees were playing up, despite having used the lift in the House of Lords for the first time. As she waited for the members of the House of Commons to turn up, she couldn’t help but notice that a large number of peeresses were sporting Donald Trump haircuts. It wasn’t a good look, even with a diamond tiara. Someone should have a quiet word. At least there were a few familiar faces. It was always good to catch up with the Maltravers Herald Extraordinary and the Rouge Croix Pursuivant.
Rowdy chatter from the far end of the chamber signalled the arrival of the MPs. Some of them had no manners. “My government will continue to...,” she began. A moment’s panic crossed her face. Had someone given her a copy of last year’s Queen’s speech? She could clearly remember announcing the northern powerhouse, a bill of rights and the anti-extremism bill and a number of other bits also felt worryingly familiar. Never mind. Every job had its downsides. The state opening of parliament just happened to be hers.
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