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17 March 2016 - Pigeon Air Patrol

Publié par Marion Coste le 17/03/2016

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Pigeons in tiny backpacks are measuring air pollution in London

Karin Brulliard (The Washington Post, 16/03/2016)

Air pollution caused by diesel vehicles in London is bad — so bad that it is blamed for 9,500 premature deaths a year and has prompted Britain’s Supreme Court to order the government to make a plan for cleaning up the skies.
Now what is commonly seen as another scourge of the city, the pigeon, is helping in the fight against smog. On Monday, 10 birds outfitted in miniature backpacks carrying pollution sensors and GPS trackers took to the air, and they started tweeting — via beak, perhaps, but definitely via Twitter — their devices’ readings of nitrogen dioxide and ozone. Londoners who tweet at the Pigeon Air Patrol’s Twitter handle, @PigeonAir, are getting responses from the birds about air pollution in their area, and a live map of the pigeons’ location can be viewed online..

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Here's How To Ask Pigeons In London How Bad Air Pollution Is
Ted Ranosa (Tech Times, 14/03/2016)
Researchers in the United Kingdom are studying how smog and other pollutants in the air are spread throughout London through the use of small sensors placed on the backs of pigeons.
Air pollution continues to be one of the biggest health threats to people in the UK, with the level of contaminants in the air around the country's capital already breaching annual limits in just the first week of this year.
In order to monitor the quality of London air more closely, French tech company Plume Labs, together with marketing consultancy firm DigitasLBI, launched a new program called the Pigeon Air Patrol, which is designed to measure the amount of air pollution in the city.

Racing Pigeons

Backpack pigeons monitor London air quality
(BBC, 14/03/2016)
A technology company has released ten pigeons wearing lightweight sensors to monitor pollution in London.
Plume Labs has fitted the birds with tiny backpacks which monitor nitrogen dioxide, ozone and volatile compounds.
Until Wednesday people can tweet their location to @PigeonAir and can find out how much pollution is registered in their area.

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Pollution sensors

Pigeon patrol takes flight to tackle London's air pollution crisis
Adam Vaughan (The Guardian, 14/03/2016)
They’ve been driven from Trafalgar square for being a nuisance, derided as rats with wings and maligned as a risk to public health.
But now pigeons could play a small part in helping Londoners overcome one of the capital’s biggest health problems – its illegal levels of air pollution blamed for thousands of deaths a year.
On Monday, a flock of half a dozen racing pigeons were set loose from a rooftop in Brick Lane by pigeon fancier, Brian Woodhouse, with one strapped with a pollution sensor to its back and one with a GPS tracker.
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