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14 November 2016 - Leonard Cohen Dies at 82

Publié par Marion Coste le 14/11/2016

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Leonard Cohen, Epic and Enigmatic Songwriter, Is Dead at 82
Larry Rohter (The New York Times, 10/11/2016)

Leonard Cohen, the Canadian poet and novelist who abandoned a promising literary career to become one of the foremost songwriters of the contemporary era, died on Monday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 82.
Mr. Cohen’s record label, Sony Music, confirmed the death on Thursday night but provided no details on the cause.
Adam Cohen, his son and producer, said Mr. Cohen had died “with the knowledge that he had completed what he felt was one of his greatest records.” His final studio album, “You Want It Darker,” was released in October.
“He was writing up until his last moments with his unique brand of humor,” his son said.

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Endless conversation

The Guardian view on Leonard Cohen: art lasts; life doesn’t
Editorial (The Guardian, 11/11/2016)
Leonard Cohen once called himself “a ninth-rate practitioner in a great tradition” but he’ll be remembered as more than that. His best lines will remain, subtle and tough like a poacher’s snares to pull tight the knot of pleasure and apprehension around readers who stumble into them long after his obituaries are forgotten. That is something of what it means to be part of a tradition: to strike up new conversations even when you’re dead. Memory and poetry are closely entwined. Poems live in memory or not at all and, while they do, they help to shape the people who remember them.
This has been a year, indeed a week, that will be grimly remembered for decades, but it is also a year in which we remember many horrors of the past. The slaughter at the Bataclan nightclub in Paris was exactly a year ago. A concert by Sting will commemorate this and at the same time try to change its meaning and show that music can’t be permanently silenced with gunfire.

Wonder and awe

Leonard Cohen, Vital to the End
Editorial Board (The New York Times, 11/11/2016)
News of the death of Leonard Cohen, musical poet and great Canadian, hit on Thursday like a punch to the gut, an early blast of winter. We can do the Leonard Cohen thing and brood. Or we can heed this spontaneous eulogy from another of our most admired songwriters, Rosanne Cash. “Rolling through Iowa,” she said on Twitter on Friday afternoon, “in wonder and awe that we had such a man.”
Wonder and awe is right. The handsome figure in the fedora and the funeral suits, the lugubrious voice that got darker with age — how wondrous to have known a singer so literate, a writer so musical. He sold not a lot of records, given his stature, but he spent decades mining a seam of melodies and words that somehow was never depleted. Many people place Mr. Cohen in a musical trinity, with Bob Dylan and Paul Simon: writers who sail in deeper waters, beyond the chop and slop of the usual pop, filling their notebooks with words and our heads with songs — cryptic, surreal, original, unforgettable
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See Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton Sing Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' on 'SNL'
Daniel Kreps (Rolling Stone, 13/11/2016)
As catharsis after an emotionally exhausting week that witnessed both the election of Donald Trump and the death of Leonard Cohen, Saturday Night Live opened with Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton sitting alone at the piano and singing Cohen's "Hallelujah."
After weeks of opening each pre-Election Day episode with amusing, over-the-top debate night sketches between McKinnon's Clinton and Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump, there was no laughter to be heard in the latest cold open. McKinnon, in her Hillary wig and white pantsuit, simply turned Cohen's oft-covered Various Positions classic into her character's own personal concession speech.
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