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14 March 2016 - Scottish National Party to rebuild independence campaign

Publié par Marion Coste le 14/03/2016

Nicola Sturgeon to resume drive for Scottish independence

Libby Brooks (The Guardian, 12/03/2016)

Nicola Sturgeon will spearhead a renewed drive to build support for Scottish independence this summer, pledging to turn the 45% who voted to leave the UK in the 2014 referendum into “a strong and positive majority”.
To a rapturous reception from about 3,000 delegates at the Scottish National party’s spring conference in Glasgow on Saturday afternoon, the party leader and first minister cautioned supporters: “We will not achieve our dream of independence just by wishing that the outcome of the referendum had been different – or wishing that we could do it all again next week.”
With just seven weeks to go before May’s Scottish parliament elections, she said: “We will achieve independence only when we persuade a majority of our fellow citizens that it is the best future for our country.”

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Against austerity

Nicola Sturgeon slams austerity claims amid £15bn deficit
Scott Macnab (The Scotsman, 13/03/2016)
The First Minister admitted that an independent Scotland would have faced “tough choices” over cuts to public spending and tax hikes if the country had voted to leave the UK two years ago.
But she criticised claims that SNP would become the party of austerity and have to embark on a programme of hospital and school closures.
“We’ve got a particular issue because of the fall in North Sea revenues,” she told the BBC Politics Show yesterday.


Nicola Sturgeon acknowledges Scotland's economy faces challenges
(BBC Scotland, 13/03/2016)
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she did not deny the country faced economic challenges.
She was speaking to the BBC's Andrew Neil days after Scotland's deficit was shown to be almost 10% of its output - nearly double the UK as a whole.
Ms Sturgeon said that despite difficulties particularly relating to North Sea oil revenues, Scotland's economy was "fundamentally strong".

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No more excuses

Nicola Sturgeon’s new poll is a political decoy
Telegraph View (The Telegraph, 14/03/2016)
Had the Scottish independence referendum been won by the Yes side in September 2014, the UK would have had just a fortnight left in existence. The date set for Scotland to go it alone was March 24 2016; and it is now clear that the Scots would be in desperate economic straits. All the promises of extra spending were predicated upon buoyant oil revenues, and did not take into account the precipitous decline in prices seen in recent months. Oil was to bankroll an independent Scotland’s more generous pensions, act as a bulwark against welfare cuts and ensure funds poured into education and health.
The oil price collapse has undermined the economic rationale for independence, yet there is no sign that this hard reality has permeated the self-regarding carapace of Scottish nationalism. At the SNP conference in Glasgow at the weekend, Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, said she wanted to begin making a fresh case for independence, with an eye on another referendum. This runs counter to the promise made by her predecessor, Alex Salmond, that it was a “once in a lifetime” event. But it also flies in the face of evidence that independence would have been an economic calamity.
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