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12 May 2016 - Queen Calls Chinese Officials 'Very Rude' on State Visit

Publié par Marion Coste le 05/12/2016

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Queen Elizabeth caught making rare unguarded comment: Chinese officials 'very rude'
Christina Boyle (The Los Angeles Times, 11/05/2016)

During a rainy garden party in Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, a rather un-British turn of events took place: Queen Elizabeth II was caught on camera describing Chinese officials as “very rude.”
The comments were uncharacteristically candid for a monarch who has spent her 63-year reign keeping her personal opinions secret.
“There hasn’t been a precedent for this in over 63 years,” royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said.

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Queen, Cameron in double diplomatic gaffe
Press Association (Straits Times, 11/05/2016)
Queen Elizabeth II has been caught on camera saying that Chinese officials were "very rude" to the British ambassador during a state visit to Britain by President Xi Jinping last year.
She made the comments at a garden party at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, the same day that British Prime Minister David Cameron was filmed making undiplomatic remarks about Nigeria and Afghanistan being corrupt countries.
His comments were especially awkward as he is hosting both countries' leaders at an anti-corruption conference in London today.


Queen's Chinese gaffe shows that imperial arrogance dies hard
Sean Lang (CNN, 11/05/2016)
The spirit of Lord Elgin must be smiling. It was he who in 1860, exasperated by what he considered obstructionism on the part of Chinese imperial officials, led a British military expedition into Beijing that destroyed and looted the emperor's fairyland-style Summer Palace and presented Queen Victoria with a Pekingese picked up from the ruins.
She named it, quite openly, "Looty."
Now her descendant, Elizabeth II, has caused another Anglo-Chinese spat with her comments, caught on camera at a Buckingham Palace garden party.

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How the Queen's off-guard moment came to the world's attention
Caroline Davies and John Plunkett (The Guardian, 11/05/2016)
The Queen’s garden parties generally do not generate headlines. A combination of an off-guard moment by the monarch and the close proximity of a camera and microphone, however, has catapulted Buckingham Palace into a diplomatic tangle.
As is usual, when the Queen performed her walkabout on Tuesday, meeting garden party guests lined up in advance by officials, she had in tow a small pool of journalists.
Among them was Peter Wilkinson, the pool cameraman. BBC reports referred to him as the “palace cameraman”. However, he is not a member of the royal household – though he wears a royal badge for ease of security access.
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