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11 March 2016 - Obama hosts dinner for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Publié par Marion Coste le 03/11/2016

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Justin Trudeau’s White House Dinner Has the Air of a Family Reunion

Nicholas Fandos (The New York Times, 10/03/2016)

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada mounted the carpeted steps of the White House’s North Portico on Thursday night for one of this city’s most glamorous rituals, a state dinner, he followed in his father’s footsteps — but only so far.
Mr. Trudeau’s father, Pierre, who also served as prime minister, was twice honored at similar White House dinners, in 1969 and 1977, and on both occasions the visit roiled American sensibilities: first, when Mr. Trudeau asked to take a swim in the White House pool, and later, when his wife, Margaret, wore an above-the-knee dress that scandalized the American news media.
This week’s visit by the younger Mr. Trudeau, 44, and his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, 40, was bound to be quite a bit more conventional, if no less glamorous, with diplomats, elected officials, business executives and celebrities, including the prime minister’s mother, descending on the White House.

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Canadian prime minister brings ‘Trudeaumania’ to White House
Darlene Superville and Rob Gillies (The Washington Post, 10/03/2016)
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brought “Trudeaumania” to America on Thursday and the verdict was a resounding thumbs-up.
“Breath of fresh air,” ‘’impressive” and “very impressive” was how some of the guests at a splashy White House state dinner in Canada’s honor described the country’s new leader. Trudeau is the boyish-looking, 44-year-old son of a former Canadian prime minister.
“He’s cool,” said actor Michael J. Fox, who was born in Edmonton. Fox declared himself a fan of Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, whom he described as the “coolest world leader going. He seems to be pretty cool, too,” Fox said of the younger Trudeau.

Canadian Politics

Justin Trudeau, 'the anti-Trump,' shows U.S. Canada's progressive, diverse face
Andrew Cohen (CNN, 10/03/2016)
Justin Trudeau and his entourage arrived in Washington to the warm applause of the American media. Vanity Fair, Vogue, The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post and others have cloaked him in the rapture of an international celebrity.
This is unusual -- even unprecedented -- for a prime minister of Canada, the northern neighbor that Americans know as friendly, reliable, cold and dull. But no prime minister has looked and sounded like this one in a generation -- certainly not since his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, ran the country.
When President Barack Obama hosts him at a state dinner Thursday at the White House -- the first for a Canadian leader since 1998 -- it will be a prime opportunity for Justin Trudeau to show the new face of Canada, the second most diverse country in the world, as progressive, moderate and tolerant.

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Liberal causes

‘A friend to count on’: Trudeau may be Obama's successor on the global stage
Suzanne Goldenberg (The Guardian, 10/03/2016)
Would that the battle for the White House were as congenial, sunny, optimistic and unabashedly inclusive and outward-looking as the symbolic handover for the job of liberal leader of the English-speaking world that took place on Thursday between Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau.
The two leaders – Obama gray and nearing the end of his term, Trudeau in the first months of his prime ministership – affirmed that when it came to what they called the “big ideas” of climate change and economic inclusion the two shared a common global vision.
Just as importantly, it seemed as if Obama had found a successor to champion those liberal causes in North America and on the global stage once he leaves office: a Robin to his Batman.
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