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10 October 2016 - US Presidential Elections: the Second Debate

Publié par Marion Coste le 10/10/2016

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Everything that was said at the second Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton debate, highlighted
Aaron Blake (The Washington Post, 09/10/2016)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off Sunday night in the second of three debates in the 2016 presidential election.
Following a Washington Post report of Trump speaking in very lewd and sexually aggressive terms in a 2005 video, Trump has apologized but promised, in response, to raise Bill Clinton's indiscretions -- and Hillary Clinton's role in allegedly targeting his accusers -- at the debate. Then he appeared with the accusers who have spoken out against Bill and Hillary Clinton just before the debate.
We've posted the complete transcript here with our thoughts, analysis and fact checks via annotation. To see an annotation, click on the highlighted yellow text. To make your own annotations, make sure you have a Genius account.

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2005 tape scandal

Donald Trump Talks at Debate, but Many Women Hear Only a 2005 Tape
Michael Barbaro and Amy Chozick (The New York Times, 09/10/2016)
It was Donald J. Trump’s chance to sound contrite and mature, to explain away the sexually predatory boasts he was caught making on tape and to persuade Americans that — for all his no-apologies braggadocio — he was, in fact, capable of feeling shame.
Maura Cotter, 22, a senior at the University of Notre Dame, was shocked at what Mr. Trump did instead in Sunday’s debate: repeat, over and over, that what he had said on the 2005 recording, about forcing himself on women and grabbing their genitals, was simply “locker-room banter.”
It was, Ms. Cotter said, “not an apology — no reason to believe he’s changed at all.”


Seven takeaways from the second presidential debate
Eric Bradner (CNN, 09/10/2016)
Donald Trump threatened to jail Hillary Clinton. He admitted paying no federal income taxes and threw his running mate under the bus on foreign policy.
The Republican nominee dismissed his sexually aggressive comments about women as "locker room talk." He attacked Hillary Clinton over Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct. And he repeatedly made false claims and factual errors.
For Trump, it was a real improvement.
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Trump uncensored

Trump v Clinton: Who won the debate?
Anthony Zurcher (BBC, 09/10/2016)
We were promised a nuclear war between the candidates over allegations of sexual impropriety, and it didn't take long for it to blow up.
But unlike a real nuclear war, with its mutually assured destruction, the participants were left standing after the exchange and had to slug it out for another hour.
What resulted was a muddled mess, with both candidates gaining the upper hand on occasion and stumbling in other moments.
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